Faculty Resources for Continuity of Student Learning

How to facilitate student learning when you can’t meet in person.

Not feeling well?  Unexpected change in travel plans?  Snowed in? No problem! There are a few simple things you can do to avoid losing valuable hours of instruction time.

All courses have an associated course site on Moodle, Augsburg’s learning management system (LMS).  Even if you do not regularly use your course’s Moodle site, it can still be a simple, valuable, and secure place for students to access materials and to interact. 

To get started, here are three simple concepts to consider.

1. Plan ahead

Your class time while away will be best used if you take the time, before you need it, to acquaint yourself with e-learning tools (e.g, Moodle Assignments, Online Forums, VoiceThread, Zoom, etc.) that you may use.  Additionally, give some regular thought to the question of “how would I teach this material remotely.” Even thinking through options of different delivery modes would be beneficial. Also, don’t worry. If you are reading this and the time for planning ahead has already passed, keep going & know the e-Learning team is available to help you.

2. Communicate with your students

Make sure your students know how you will communicate if course delivery plans have changed.  Using the announcement forum of your Moodle course site is a good place for this. Also communicate your expectations of student participation as needed.

3. Provide course materials

Get your course materials to your students.  Uploading or creating your material on your Moodle course site is going to be an effective way to accomplish this.

Fortunately, these concepts are covered in greater detail in section 1 of the Faculty Moodle Resource site.  There are additional strategies, ideas, and resources as well, not to mention a wide range of materials around online and blended learning.  

Feel free to reach out to the e-Learning team should you have questions or need more individualized assistance.  Our contact information is in section 1 of the Faculty Moodle Resource site, as well as on the Faculty and Staff Help (LFCs) page.