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VPN Remote Work

Virtual Private Network (VPN) and Duo

  1. Launch OpenVPN to establish a secure connection.  If you haven’t set up OpenVPN contact your LFC.

OpenVPN Connect: Profiles

  1. If you haven’t saved your Augsburg password to be used with your configuration file, you will be prompted to enter it.  If you saved the password refer to step 3

Enter your Augsburg password and click OK

  1. Duo Mobile will take that login attempt as a push notification on your device.   Tap to view actions.

Duo Mobile: Login request Augsburg Remote Access: Tap to view actions

  1. Approve the login attempt.

Remote Work and Duo

  1. Open and sign into Remote Work
  2. You will receive a Duo notification after signing in

Choose an authentication method: Duo push, Call me or Passcode

  1. Open the Duo app on your mobile device tap “Request Waiting”

Request waiting tap to respond

  1. Select Approve

Log in request: Approve or Deny

  1. You will be signed into Remote Work on your computer.