Securing your home work environment

No default passwords

Technology generally comes out of the box with a default password set at the factory. These are often the same for all units for a particular product. These are widely known and provide any easy way to access the piece of technology. Always change the default password on a device especially if it connects to the Internet. Use long and complex passwords where possible (letters, numbers, symbols, over 10 characters).

For example, change the default administrator password on your WiFi router.  That default password could allow someone to change your WiFi setup without you knowing. If you have any Internet-enabled devices like a Nest thermostat, a Ring doorbell camera, an Alexa speaker and so on, change those default passwords or pass codes. Take the time to read the documentation to learn how to do it.

Secure your Wifi Network

As mentioned above, change the default administrator password on your WiFi router. Also, change the WiFi network name (or SSID) to something other than the manufacturer default. The default often is the product name (like linksys or netgear) which helps hackers know what kind of WiFi router you’re using. Next, make sure encryption is enabled. WPA2 is preferred and will work with mobile devices made after 2006. Again, take a look through the documentation that came with the WiFi router.

Using Public WiFi Networks

Using a public WiFi network is inherently less secure because you cannot be sure who else is using the network. It is possible someone is watching and intercepting all the information going through such a network. So it’s important to only use secure sites (look for the lock icon or HTTPS in the URL) and limit what you do that involves your personal information (like don’t visit your bank’s site and login). Also, be careful when joining a public WiFi Network – if it’s asking for a lot of information to join consider disconnecting from it. And look out for WiFi Networks that have similar names to businesses – people can create a WiFi network anywhere and name it whatever they want, for example Starbuck or Noodle.