Student Access to Computing Resources

As a student at Augsburg you have access to several types of computing and online resources both on- and off-campus.

Computer Labs

There are open general-use labs in Urness Hall, Christensen Center, and the Gage level of the Lindell Library. Additionally any computer classroom is available for use when classes are not scheduled in the room. You can find computer classrooms in Foss Center, Sverdrup Hall, and the Hagfors Center.

Library Laptop Checkout

During the pandemic the library laptop fleet was greatly expanded. Laptops can be checked out for a semester at a time.  We have approximately 135 machines available for long term checkout. We will be prioritizing requests to students with financial need. To request a long-term laptop loan, fill out the Student Laptop Loan Request form, which will be available for Fall Semester requests by August 1, 2021.

What if I do not have internet where I live?

We also have Mobile Hotspots available for checkout for those who do not have another internet option.  The process for requesting a hotspot is changing and will be posted here by August 1, 2021.

How can I access specialty software from off-campus?

The way you access specialty software may differ depending on what device you are using.  The following knowledge-base articles may be of assistance to you.