Google Apps, Privacy and Terms of Service

Being part of the Google ecosystem means everyone needs to be more aware of privacy, terms of service, and connecting accounts to non-Google sites.

Google Workspace Core Apps are part of the Augsburg Contract

Google Core Apps Gmail, Calendar, Drive

Google Workspace for Education Core Apps include Gmail, Calendar, Drive, and several others shown above.  Not all of these may be available to you at the moment.  These apps are covered by the contact that Augsburg has with Google.

  • This means that Augsburg owns this data and it is not indexed by Google.
  • In addition, there are no ads served on these apps and your privacy is protected at a level comparable to when you use other Augsburg services.

Google’s statement on privacy for Google Workspace for Education is found here.

Google Consumer Apps are not part of the Augsburg Contract

Apps Marketplace
Apps Marketplace
Chrome Web Store
Google Maps icon
Google Maps

All other apps you may choose to use with your Augsburg google account are not covered by the Augsburg contract.  Currently the above apps are ones that may be available to you.  All of the possible apps along with their terms of service and help documentation can be found at this page. The first time you use any of the Consumer Apps, you may be asked to agree to a separate set of terms and conditions that cover those products. Regardless of whether you are asked by Google to agree to terms and conditions, using the app means you agree to the same terms of service and privacy policy that apply to Google’s consumer products regardless of whether you were asked to agree to them.  The data created while using these apps is not owned by Augsburg and could be indexed by Google and may be used to serve ads.  That means that those apps do not offer the same FERPA, privacy, intellectual property ownership, confidentiality terms and conditions that the core apps do. Augsburg IT also does not have the same type of ability to manage these Apps as can be done with core Apps. Because of this we recommend faculty do not require students to use any consumer apps but instead make their use optional.

Connecting other Sites to your Augsburg Google Account

There are many sites that offer a product or service that works with Google and connects to your Google account.  When you connect these sites to your Google account one step is granting access or allowing the site access to your account.  For example, a tool that helps you organize your email might need access to your email to help you organize.  Keep in mind you are accepting some risk with choosing to allow that tool into your email — if it goes haywire and corrupts your account the only option might be to delete your account (and all your email with it) and start over.