HeartBleed bug and Augsburg

Posted on Categories Security

You may recently have heard about Heartbleed, one of the biggest internet security flaws known and that essentially is a security flaw that makes many site passwords vulnerable.

While accounts at Augsburg have not been directly affected by HeartBleed, it is worth taking the precautionary measure of resetting passwords you use for social media sites such as Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and email accounts through services such as Yahoo and more.

It is especially important that departments and individuals who manage official social media accounts for the College (such as athletic and academic departments) change the passwords used for these sites.

IT staff further recommend that that Augsburg accounts each have unique passwords. A best practice is to avoid using the same password for multiple sites. This situation clearly illustrates the risk.

A full list of all the sites known to have password systems that are vulnerable are listed at http://www.cnet.com/how-to/which-sites-have-patched-the-heartbleed-bug/

Please contact your LFC if you have questions about resetting your password.