Google: welcome to change

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Where’s my apps menu?


Last week your menu looked something like above and now it looks something like below.  The apps menu (Search, Images, Mail, Drive, Calendar etc.) has been replaced with a new apps icon.

Screen Shot 2013-11-03

The apps icon is over on the right and is a menu of the apps available to you.  Click on the icon to see your apps and select the one you want.

New apps


Why did the menu change?

Google will be rolling out new features continually.  This is the new world we are working in.  The google platform of products will always be changing.  This change first came to users (you might have seen this already on your personal gmail) and the education customers like ourselves soon follow.  Seeing a change in your account is a good heads-up that it will be coming soon to your Augsburg gmail account as well.

To learn about why this changed you can read google’s help document here.  You can also read google’s official blog for news on upcoming google changes.