Google pilots take flight

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The information technology department has started to convert over to google as part of our pilot phase of the Google project.  I’ve been using Gmail for my Augsburg mail now for two days (I’ve used for my personal email for a few years).  So far I’m really enjoying it.  I’m finding all of my mail tasks faster than in GroupWise and I find I can file messages away by using labels much much faster than I could in GroupWise with folders.  This will help me keep my inbox smaller which I really need to do!  I’ll see how I’m doing one week from now.

The next step is getting four pilot departments going:

  • Library
  • Math
  • Residence Life
  • TRiO/SSS

Those departments will be switching over in the next week.  We will use feedback from those departments to help inform the IT Advisory Group when they meet in April to decide on the move.  So far all the feedback from the brown bag sessions in December and January has been positive and many good questions were raised and added to the FAQ.

If you have any questions feel free to ask your LFC or the Techdesk.