Emergency Broadband Benefit Program

In May 2021, the FCC government agency initiated the Emergency Broadband Benefit Program.  This program provides no-cost internet access to eligible low-income individuals and households.  At Augsburg, this means that we will be able to loan hotspots out to Pell-eligible students longer than previously expected; at no cost to you or the University.


To request a T-Mobile hotspot loan through Augsburg’s equipment loan program, you will need to complete five steps, as outlined below.


1. Register with the EBB National Verifier

2.Submit the equipment checkout form

3.Receive a hotspot phone number

4.Enroll your hotspot w/T-Mobile

5.Pick up hotspot from Augsburg


  1. Register with the EBB National Verifier using your personal information.  Once verified, you will receive a confirmation email that you have been approved.

The Emergency Broadband Benefit Program provides for one internet device per household and it utilizes a variety of internet providers.  Based on you and your household’s needs, you can choose to get internet service outside of Augsburg’s hotspot program if you wish. If you choose to not use Augsburg’s program then you can ignore the following steps but will need to contact an internet provider yourself.

    • Note: When filling out the EBB National Verifier note that you are applying for yourself (not for a dependent), choose Pell-eligible if you are Pell-eligible, and be sure you enter your address exactly as it appears on your federal identification (such as a driver’s license) for the verification.


  1. Once you have received your confirmation email, please submit Augsburg’s Equipment Request Form.  Students can also use this form to request laptops and other technology equipment.
  2. Within a few days, you will receive a confirmation email from laptopcheckout@augsburg.edu with an assigned T-Mobile hotspot phone number.
  3. Using the same personal information you used to submit the EBB National Verifier along with the hotspot phone number provided, you may enroll your hotspot with T-Mobile, Augsburg’s selected EBB vendor.  T-Mobile will send you a confirmation email.
    • Note: Your personal information must match exactly what you used to submit the EBB National Verifier.  Even entering “St.” instead of “Street” will result in your application being denied.  Entering information exactly as it appears on your federal identification is the easiest way to accomplish this.
  1. You must pick up your assigned hotspot at the Lindell Library within 10 business days of receiving the T-Mobile confirmation email.  You will also need to present your T-Mobile confirmation email (either digitally or printed) in order to receive your hotspot.