Fall WiFi issues update 10/28/2020

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What’s going on this week

On Monday at 5AM we updated the WiFi software and adjusted the WiFi settings in the remaining dorms – Urness, Mortensen, Anderson, and Luther.

What’s planned for next week

We’re in a “watch and wait” mode now. We’re going to rely on feedback from students contacting the Tech Desk or using our WiFi reporting form to see if the experience is better. Since we don’t know exactly what the problem is we can’t check a specific metric or measurement to know if we’ve made an impact (recall we have little data from students so we’re making assumptions as to what may be the cause based on what we’ve heard from Gustavus and IT email lists).

Reporting Form

Responses have slowed on our WiFi reporting form.   Please keep using it as it will help us determine if the dorm updates have made a difference. When we don’t hear anything we then assume things are going fine.