Moodle, Online Teaching, and Technology Resources

eLearning Team

Augsburg’s eLearning team is available to assist instructors with Moodle and other learning technologies, course design, online activities, and the Moodle gradebook. Instructors should feel free to contact them whenever they need help. Invite us in for 15-20 minute tune-ups during your department meetings or we will host a session for your department at a convenient time.

Faculty Moodle Resources (FMR)

The Faculty Moodle Resources site is an excellent resource to help instructors design and manage their Moodle courses. It has strategies for teaching with Moodle and numerous links to “how-to” tip-sheets and brief video tutorials.

Teaching with Moodle

  • Moodle 101: This is a self-paced online introduction to Moodle basics composed of brief (2-3 minute) videos and quizzes. Most people can complete this course in an hour or less. 
  • Moodle 102: This self-paced online course asks instructors to complete 10 tasks–creating Moodle activities and/or resources that are commonly used in a Moodle course. Most people can complete this course in an hour or less.
  • Moodle 201: This self-paced online course focuses on three frequently used Moodle activities (the Assignment, Forum, and Quiz) and combines online pedagogy with strategies on effective practice.

Moodle Templates

Augsburg provides Moodle Course Templates (pre-formatted patterns that incorporate online course design best-practices) for instructors’ use. Templates include resources useful to students (e.g., information about how to access technical help, etc.) as well as a generic course outline. Templates are intended as time-savers for instructors, but also ensure consistency in course design. If you would like to use templates, request help from your LFC.

Online Teaching Pedagogy

The eLearning Team embraces teaching pedagogies that hold up culturally-responsive, high-impact practices and universal design. We are committed to reaching every student. For information on current online teaching pedagogy reach out to the eLearning team.

Moodle, Online Teaching, and Technology Resources

Under our Faculty Resources Tab, you can access Online Learning Resources.

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