COVID-19 Syllabus Statement

CTL, along with Academic Affairs, has created the COVID-19 syllabus statement for Fall 2022 courses. Although you are free to use any language you prefer, this generic statement has been drafted to be as “universal” as possible in the face of COVID-19 standard practices that may quickly change. Thus, instead of specific instructions to students, a link to the the key sources of COVID-19 information on campus is included as this is where the most accurate information will be, especially if things change throughout the semester

Top 10 Things Faculty Mentors Need to Know About Using the Degree Audit

Now that we’ve been using the Degree Audit for about a year, the Registrar’s office has been able to identify some common mistakes/misses that Faculty Mentors may be making when advising their students toward graduation. This video below reviews the same information that was presented at the September 14, 2022 Faculty Meeting to help faculty easily address these issues!  Also provided are slides from the presentation and a copy of the handout.

Top 10 Video (~15 minutes)

PowerPoint Slides from Faculty Meeting Presentation on September 14, 2022

Top 10 Handout from Faculty Meeting Presentation on September 14, 2022

Resources for 2022 Back-to-School Sessions

For your reference, here is the program from the Back-to-School Sessions

Resources for “3 Days in May” 2022

The file linked below contains the program and schedule for this year’s “3 Days in May” Sessions. These resources can only be viewed when logged in through Augsburg.

“3 Days in May” Program and Schedule

Videos from 2022-23 CTL Events

The blue links below contain the video recordings of the events from latest to earliest that can be viewed.


March 7, 2023: How Faculty Meetings Work

Presenters: Andy Aoki (Faculty Senate President) and Bob Groven (Parliamentarian)

Description: Many who are new to Augsburg have a LOT of questions about the purpose and organization of our faculty meetings, and many who are not new to Augsburg are still trying to figure it out!  Although geared toward newer members of the faculty, the session is useful to all who are interested.   Part of the New Faculty Seminar Series


March 6, 2023: Did you know faculty can be Fulbright Scholars?

Presenters: George Dierberger and John Zobitz (Augsburg Fulbright Scholar Liaisons)

Description: An introduction to the Fulbright Scholar Program, a faculty-focused Fulbright program which has just posted the programs available for 2024-2025.  John and George provide a brief overview of their own experiences as well as guidance on choosing a program, the application process, timelines, and other “inside-information” about how the programs work.


February 1, 2023: CTL/CWC Session: Supporting and Responding to Students in Distress

Presenter: Ellie Olson, Director of the Center for Wellness and Counseling

Description: Our students are struggling with increasingly complex needs and demands, many of which can create barriers and challenges to academic success. Further, because faculty see their students regularly, they are often the first to notice that a student is struggling. This session will focus on helping faculty to identify students in distress by increasing awareness of signs of struggle. We will then share strategies and resources for supporting students when you notice they are struggling.


January 11, 2023: CTL/CWC Session: Creating a Well and Connected Classroom

Presenter: Ellie Olson, Director of the Center for Wellness and Counseling

Description: Taking preemptive and intentional steps to create a classroom environment that promotes wellness and connection has benefits for students and for faculty. Creating classrooms that promote well-being and connection can decrease work required for faculty, increase student success, and make the classroom a more enjoyable and comfortable environment for all. This session focuses on developing strategies for creating a well and connected classroom.


January 4, 2023: Attending to Attendance – Creating a Course/Policy That Works

Presenters:  Jennifer Bankers-Fulbright (CTL Director) and Audrey Lensmire (Education)

Description:  This workshop, inspired by faculty discussion at the December faculty meeting, was specifically created for Augsburg teaching faculty who are experiencing frustration related to student attendance in their courses and would like to do something about it that meets both instructor and student needs.  This workshop will ask you to think about why you have your current attendance policies, what isn’t working and what do you want to happen, followed by time to literally “workshop” your Spring course policies with others who have similar issues. The latter session is not part of the recording.


November 16, 2022: Faculty Well-Being Session

Presenter: Ellie Olson, Director of the Center for Wellness and Counseling

Description: Teaching faculty and staff are consistently called to support and care for their students, sometimes in complex and challenging situations. In order to fulfill this role, teaching faculty and staff must also have tools, environments, and strategies that promote care and balance for themselves. This session, hosted by CTL, the Health and Well-Being Task Force and CWC, will focus on helping teaching faculty and staff consider strategies and perspectives that can improve their own sense of professional and personal well-being.