University Course Survey

Augsburg University provides students the opportunity to provide feedback on their perceptions of course experiences.  There are 18 questions asking about the structure of the course, items specific to this course, comparing this course to others, and items about class time.  The past form was longer (29 questions) and focused on several areas – instructor, course, materials. Research has shown that forms with multiple targets are less useful.  The form was revised by a working group in 2017-2018 and approved by the faculty in 2018.

Sample of current form (2018 – )

Sample of the past form (2005-2017)


  • University course surveys are delivered online to all courses having 3 or more students with some exceptions.
  • All courses are surveyed every term. Surveys are generally opened 2 weeks before the end of the course and remain open during finals week.  The total time available is close to 2.5 weeks.
  • Students receive automatic email reminders until they complete their surveys.
  • All course surveys are anonymous.
  • All course surveys are voluntary.
  • Results are available online to faculty after the grade submittal deadline has passed.
  • It is recommended that faculty set aside 5-10 minutes of class time for students to fill out the surveys following the protocol below:
    • let the students know ahead of time so a device (phone, computer, etc) can be brought to class
    • plan to do this at the start of the class session, not the end
    • leave the room during the 5-10 minutes
    • affirm that the surveys are voluntary and anonymous
    • reinforce the value of the student feedback provided to both you and to your department chair

Other Opportunities For Feedback

Help and Information

For detailed information on viewing and interpreting course surveys, visit the Course Evaluations section of the Knowledge Base