These programs are designed to support scholarship activities for Augsburg faculty, staff, and students. They include the Speaking of Scholarship Series, Scholarly Writing Circles, Faculty Summer Scholarship Grants, Professional Travel Grants, and the Scholarship Showcase.

Other campus activities that support scholarship include Zyzzogeton and Undergraduate Student Summer Research Grants. URGO and McNair Scholars are major partners in many of these activities, and lead the efforts to support undergraduate research.

Speaking of Scholarship Series

Each year CTL Fellows plan two installments in this series, highlighting an individual faculty member’s accomplishments in scholarship. See the CTL calendar for more information on these events.

Scholarly Writing Circles

Faculty are encouraged to form self-organizing, interdisciplinary writing circles to collaborate on grant writing or research, or to simply support one another in writing endeavors. Work culture grants are available to provide support for materials that support your work together.

Faculty Scholarship Grants

Each year CTL awards a number of Scholarship Grants to full-time Augsburg faculty. For more information on how to apply see the Grants page of this website.

Professional Travel Grants

Professional Travel Grants are available to support travel to professional conferences and workshops for faculty and staff on a first-come, first-served basis.  Applications must be received at least 30 days before the event. For more information, and to submit applications, see the Grants page.

Scholarship Showcase

The Scholarship Showcase is a display of publications by Augsburg faculty presented at the annual Faculty Recognition Luncheon, which will be held in May. If you have a book, article, composition, script, piece of art work, etc. that we can include in the showcase, please contact 

Related Campus Activities


Augsburg celebrates the creativity and scholarship of undergraduate students with its annual Zyzzogeton festival. The festival falls at the end of each academic year and is a culmination of achievement featuring work across divisions and departments. A “zyzzogeton” is a green leaf-hopper as well as the last word in the Webster Collegiate Dictionary, which is a fitting symbol to mark the end of the academic year. The festival is sponsored by URGO.

Undergraduate Student Summer Research Grants

Undergraduate students are eligible for full-time ($4000) and part-time ($2000) grants for on-campus summer research. Faculty mentors receive $1000 per mentee receiving a grant. Numerous off-campus opportunities are also available to students. For more information, go to the URGO website at or public folder.