Professional Development for Adjunct Union Members

Professional Development Funds for Adjunct Faculty

The Augsburg SEIU 2022-2025 Collective Bargaining Agreement provides an Adjunct Professional Development Fund of up to $15,000 each fiscal year (June – May) which is coordinated by the Faculty Development Committee (FDC). These funds may be used by eligible adjunct faculty for professional travel grants, workshop and training stipends, and the design of new courses (see specific information below). Specific information and links to application forms for this funding is listed below. If you have any questions about any of the below opportunities, please contact the FDC at

Professional Travel Grants for Adjunct Faculty

Augsburg  SEIU 2022-2025 CBA, Section 19.2: Travel Grants.

An individual Faculty Member may be approved to receive up to seven hundred fifty dollars ($750.00) of professional travel grants from the Adjunct Professional Development Fund in one fiscal year. To be eligible for professional travel grants, a Faculty Member must have taught at least 8 courses immediately prior to the beginning of the fiscal year for which the funds are sought and must either be (1) teaching a course under an appointment under this Agreement, or (2) assigned to teach a course in the 12 months subsequent to the request for professional development funds. To apply, a Faculty Member shall submit a written request to Faculty Development, in accordance with Faculty Development’s policies and timelines, identifying the professional development opportunity or resource and the requested amount for the same and describe how the opportunity or resource would enhance their teaching of courses at the University. A Faculty Member who has received a Travel Grant from the professional development funds must use the funds by the end of the fiscal year for which the funds were granted. Funds that are not used by a Faculty Member in one fiscal year do not carry over into the next fiscal year. Reimbursement in all cases is contingent on the Faculty Member providing original receipts for expenses incurred and following the University’s reimbursement policy.

Stipends for Workshops, Trainings, and Orientations

Augsburg  SEIU 2022-2025 CBA, Section 19.3: Workshop and Training Stipends.

Stipends for workshops and faculty orientation will also be paid out of the Adjunct Professional Development Fund. Faculty Members who attend the New Faculty Orientation will receive a $150.00 stipend. For non-mandatory professional development workshops, Faculty Members will be compensated at a stipend of a minimum of $25 (for sessions that are advertised as up to and including one-hour duration) and a maximum of $50 (for sessions that are advertised as more than one hour in duration) during a semester in which they are teaching a course under an appointment under this Agreement. They also will be compensated at the same rates for workshops attended between semesters provided the Faculty Member (1) taught a course under an appointment under this Agreement during the just-completed semester, or (2) is assigned to teach a course in the following twelve months. Non-mandatory workshop stipends are limited to a total of $150.00 per adjunct Faculty Member annually between June 1 and May 31. 

Most workshops and sessions offered by the Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL) are eligible for workshop and training stipends; sessions offered by others may or may not be eligible for stipends. If you have attended a workshop or session that you believe to be stipend-eligible, use this form to submit a request for a stipend.

Stipends for New Course Design

Augsburg  SEIU 2022-2025 CBA, Section 18.3: Design of New Courses.

Faculty Members who have taught at the University at least one (1) course in each of three (3) academic years may propose new courses to be taught at the University by making a written proposal to the chair of the relevant department setting out the design of and syllabus for the course or may receive a request from the University to develop a new course. If the Department or equivalent academic unit offers the course as designed by the Faculty Member, the Faculty Member will: i) be given the right of first refusal to teach the course the first time that it is offered; and ii) have the right to submit a course development fee proposal to CTL for up to $1,000, at the University’s discretion. Should the University offer the Faculty Member the appointment to teach the course the first time it is offered and the Faculty Member is not available to teach said course, the Faculty Member shall still be eligible to apply for up to $1,000 course development fee from CTL. Nothing shall preclude the University from having others, including, but not limited to, full-time faculty, part-time faculty, or other persons, teach the course subject to the provisions of this Article.

Equity and Inclusion Workshops

For information about workshops and other training opportunities offered by Diversity, Inclusion, and Equity visit the Certificate Program page. You can register for opportunities directly through the site.

Core courses required for the Diversity and Inclusion Certificate Program will be eligible for stipends for union adjuncts (this includes Diversity courses offered in August for Fall-contracted adjuncts). As stated in the CBA between Augsburg and SEIU, Local 284, courses that are 1 hour or less are eligible for $25 stipends, and courses that are over 1 hour are eligible for $50 stipends. No stipends will be offered for courses that faculty have already completed in the last two years or to adjuncts who are not covered by the CBA, though all are encouraged to attend. While courses towards advanced standing are encouraged, those courses are not stipend-eligible. There will be a cap of $250 per union adjunct faculty member per year for the Diversity and Inclusion stipends.

Please use this form to report attendance to any workshop that you believe to be stipend-eligible.