Student Employment: Supervisors Information

Update: Spring 2024 Student Employment Information

Student Employment Dates: All Academic Year Positions end 5/4/24

Student Employment Period Start Date End Date
Academic Year 2023-24 9/3/2023 5/4/2024
May 2024: Summer Break* 5/5/2024 5/31/2024
Summer 2024 6/1/2024 8/31/2024
Academic Year 2024-25 9/1/2024 5/3/2025

*Student employment will be limited to operational roles

April 2024 Message to Student Supervisors

Here are a few important updates coming up for summer student employment, so please read carefully. But first: THANK YOU for mentoring and supporting our 400+ student employees, across 100+ student jobs around campus.
Please read over the Message sent to all Student Employees 4/24 about the end of the academic year employment period.
  • ALL existing school year student positions will be closed, and all student employees must be finished working by May 4, 2024. 
  • Please be sure students submit their final timesheets before Friday, May 10, or by May 4 if they are leaving for the summer.
  • Final timesheet approvals will be due before the following Monday, May 13 by 10am.
  • Student employees can work up until May 4th, but must not work past then unless summer continuation is approved.
  • Summer student employment officially begins June 1, 2024. (Monday June 3 will be a logical start date for most positions.)
  • Timesheet correction forms for any hours missed during the school year must be submitted before April 28th at noon.
Graduating student employees must be finished working on or before Saturday, May 4. Summer student work for graduated students is not available. Managers wishing to explore non-student employment after graduation should connect with their department’s HR Business Partner.
Please encourage your graduating student employees to connect with student employment to ensure we have the correct forwarding address for their W-2 next January. (We will also be reaching out to them.)
Student employment between May 5 and May 31 will be limited to critical student roles only.
Summer student employment will begin June 1, 2024. May 5 through May 31 will be student employment summer break for all departments, except critical student positions. Please plan activities with this schedule in mind.
Summer hours budgeting begins Sunday, June 2; June 3 is the first Monday/work day.
  • Departments must be pre-approved for students to work between May 5 and May 31, unless the work is funded through separate grants or departmental funds.
  • Since some departments perform operational or other key roles during that time, I’ll be reaching out to you–or have already reached out–to plan for this three week period before June 1 when summer student employment starts.
  • Approved departments operating with student employment funding will receive the summer budget numbers as soon as they are ready. If you have questions or concerns, please contact your division or department leader, or contact me. Feel free to schedule time on my calendar for an in-person, phone, or Zoom meeting.
  • The Returning Student Employee Form is ready to use for student employees who will be returning and/or continuing in their position starting June 1: Leaders’ Toolkit – Returning Student Employee form
  • If you’d like to post a job for summer, email, or call me at x1058.


Please note that work-study eligibility is determined only after students complete their FAFSA for next year. Due to the ongoing FAFSA changes, there will be a delay in determining eligibility for new hire students.
Now would be a good time to determine the students who will be returning to their current positions in your area next year. Please discuss this with your current student employees and find out which students you’d like on your team come September. When you know, please complete the Returning Student Employee Form for each of those student employees.
It’s my pleasure serving students and supervisors. I hope all goes well with final exams. Thank you so much, and have a restful summer!

Approving Timesheets

Hiring Students

Returning Student Employees

If you are requesting return of a student employee who has previously worked in your department, please complete a  returning student employee form.

  • The supervisor specifies the returning student and position
  • Student Employment reviews the request and sends the appropriate paperwork to the student
  • The student signs the return form and wage notice electronically
  • The student and supervisor receive an email notice that the student is ready to return and start date.

Posting a Position to find New Student Candidates

If you wish to post a student position to find new candidates, follow these directions: Posting/Requesting a Student Position

Most student employment positions on campus this year must be filled with workstudy-eligible students. Eligibility will be determined at time of application in SmartRecruiters.

Hiring Timeline

Once a student is moved to the “Recommend for Hire” status student employment must verify that they meet work study eligibility requirements (if applicable) and that they are authorized to work. The time-to-start is primarily dependent on whether or not the student has worked on campus before.

  • Students that have never worked on campus need to complete
    • Background Check (1-3 days to process)
    • Onboarding Paperwork (Personnel information, W-4 tax withholding, direct deposit, etc)
    • I-9 Employment Eligibility verification (required original identification documents)
  • Time-to-start is dependent on the student completing the necessary steps
  • Students that have been setup previously to work on campus do not need to complete a new background check or onboarding forms.
  • When the above steps are completed, Student Employment will update the employee record within 2-3 business days.
  • The student will be able to begin working and recording hours the following Monday.

Timesheets and Budgets

Approving Student Timesheets

Time entry video and instructions

Student Hour Budgets & Dashboards

Your Supervisor Dashboard is designed to help you divide hours out over the entire term by week to help you stay on track for hours budgeting. The hours summary emails you receive will break down hours per pay period, which is every two weeks.
You will receive a separate email with the subject “Spreadsheet shared with you: Student Employment…” that includes the link to your dashboard. You may find variations in schedules due to holidays and slow or busy weeks during the summer, so you can plan for those as well and stay on track.
Please note that if your student positions are set up with restricted funds or department funds, you will manage your own hours budgets and the tool can help; this budgeting tool is mainly for student positions set up using the student employment general fund.
You are welcome to share with your supervisor or department manager, or let me know if there are other colleagues you wish to receive the dashboard tool and bi-weekly summaries.

Student Researchers

In September 2023 the Internal Revenue Service affirmed that Augsburg Student Researchers are not considered employees for tax purposes. Student researchers can be paid a stipend directly through Accounts Payable which is reported annually on a 1099-MISC.

Student Employment: Important Reminder

**Please note: Federal law requires that all new student workers MUST complete the new hire forms and background check before work can begin.  This will include an in-person visit with Human Resources to complete the I-9 form at New Student Employee Orientation.

Returning students are not required to complete new hire forms again every year, but they will complete a Wage Form/Offer letter sent from Human Resources. When supervisors send in the returning student employee request form, the wage form will be generated and distributed.