Student Employment: Supervisors Information

Returning Student Employees

If you are requesting return of a student employee who has previously worked in your department, please complete a  returning student employee form.

  • The supervisor specifies the returning student and position
  • Student Employment reviews the request and sends the appropriate paperwork to the student
  • The student signs the return form and wage notice electronically
  • The student and supervisor receive an email notice that the student is ready to return and start date.

Posting a Position to find New Student Candidates

If you wish to post a student position to find new candidates, follow these directions: Posting/Requesting a Student Position

Most student employment positions on campus this year must be filled with workstudy-eligible students. Eligibility will be determined at time of application in SmartRecruiters.

July 2022 Update

Human Resources is changing job posting platforms from Hirezon to Smart Recruiters during July 2022.  There is a freeze on new position postings from July 1 until July 18 (tentatively) as we prepare the SmartRecruiters environment and train student employment supervisors on creating postings in the new platform. Please stay tuned for training information.

      • Each department will receive hours budgets for their positions, and will be responsible for tracking and managing the hours of all their student employees through reports sent to them each month.
      • Grant-funded departments will be responsible for managing their own specific budgets with respect to the student employees in their departments.
      • Adjustments may be required in student staffing, including staff available to back-up students as needed when staff are on site; adjusting or reducing the number of students scheduled at one time; critical review and openness to making changes in staffing for slow times; and reviewing/changing the office’s open hours.

Student Employment: Important Reminder

**Please note: Federal law requires that all new student workers MUST complete the new hire forms and background check before work can begin.  This will include an in-person visit to Human Resources to complete the I-9 form.

Returning students are not required to complete new hire forms again every year, but they will complete a Wage Form/Offer letter sent from Human Resources. When supervisors send in the returning student employee request form, the wage form will be generated and distributed.