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Training Videos

  • SmartRecruiters Overview for Hiring Managers (53 min)
    Navigation, submitting a requisition, managing candidates
  • Scheduling Interviews (13 min)
    Traditional and self-scheduling, zoom links, bulk scheduling
  • Job Approval Requests
    VPs, Deans and other managers may be part of the approval chain for faculty and staff position requisitions. Learn how to review, edit, delegate and approve requisitions.
  • Smart Recruiters: Getting Started Tutorials
    Login to SmartRecruiters. Click your user profile and choose Help Center  > Product Tutorials > Getting Started


Job Posting Approval Paths Cheatsheet

Job Approvers in Smart RecruitersJob requisitions require different approval paths before the job ad can be posted. Please refer to the approval paths below (subject to change). Preset names are automatically included in the approval path. Hiring Team members in the approval path must be added to the hiring team.  Approvers listed as “any role/user” can be filled out in the Approvals section

Staff Approvals

  1. Any User – Choose your supervisor (ok if same as VP)
  2. Hiring Team – VP/Dean: Division Vice President
  3. [Preset User] Leif Anderson, Chief Strategy officer
  4. Hiring Team – Recruiter: Taylor Greathouse or Angela Windnagel

Faculty Requisition Approvals

  1. [Preset User] KC Gubrud, Executive Assistant To The Provost
  2. Hiring Team – VP/Dean: Division dean (Monica Devers or Ryan Haaland)
  3. [Preset User] Taylor Greathouse, Recruiter for faculty positions

Student Employee Approvals

  • [Preset User] Charlotte Swanson

Adjunct Faculty Approvals

  • [Preset User] Taylor Greathouse, Faculty Business Partner

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I hire an employee to work remotely from another state?
    • Remote employees are generally governed by the employment laws and taxes of the state where they reside. The university is not able to support the administrative burden of staying current with tax and employment laws in multiple states.
      New remote employees can only be employed if they reside in Minnesota or Wisconsin.

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