Time Entry – Supervisors

Time Entry Guide – Supervisors (PDF)

End of Pay Period

  1. .The deadline for supervisors to approve timesheets is 10:00am on Monday after the payroll week ends. All timesheet submissions should be completed before the deadline so that supervisors can review and approve them.
  2. Review and approve time entries
    • Rejected timesheets or time entries will be sent back to the employee to review and resubmit. These corrections must be made and resubmitted by the 12:o0 noon deadline.
    • Overtime needs should be discussed with division Vice President and pre-approved by supervisors
    • Student workers should never work overtime
  3. Review and approve time off requests

Approving Time Entries

Salaried Staff

Salaried staff are required to submit their timesheets each week for approval, but only required to list time off.

Hourly Staff

If you have an employee who has multiple positions, you only need to approve the time for the position you supervise. When approving timesheets for employees with multiple positions supervisors can review time two ways:

By Timesheet

    • Click the Calc Detail tab
    • Review time and click the  icon to approve or reject.
    • Save

By Time Entries

    • From your Supervisor Tools dashboard click Approve Time Entries
    • Use the checkboxes to select entries for positions you supervise.
    • Click the Approve or Reject buttons

Time Off

Employees should coordinate time off with their supervisors.  Kronos’s Time Off request system must be used for Community service paid time off, but can also used to manage other paid time off requests.

  • Review time off requests for current pay period and approve, reject, or delete as appropriate
  • Approving a time off request records the time entry in the employee’s timesheet
  • Verify time off requests do not duplicate time off entries entered by the employee
  • Time off requests for community service and civic engagement should be reviewed to ensure that they follow the spirit of the policy in the employee handbook and that the employee’s absence will not adversely affect department operations. How to Review Time Off Requests

Delegating Timesheet Approval

If you are unable to review and approve time entries you can ask a fellow supervisor to approve time entries in your absence.

Note: this person must also have supervisor privileges in Kronos

Add the Delegation

  1. Click the Menu icon
  2. Click My Info > My HR > Delegations
  3. Click Add New
    • Delegate To: start typing the name of another supervisor. Select the supervisor
    • Workflow Type: All Workflows
    • Date From / To: period of absence. Should include Friday-Monday of pay period approval
    • Workflow Group: (Leave blank)
    • Click Add

Approving timesheets on behalf of someone else

Timesheets delegated to you will NOT display under “Timesheets (Pending Approval)”. You can approve time for employees temporarily delegated to you from

  • Menu > Team > Time > Timesheets >Current Timesheets OR
  • Supervisor Dashboard > Approve Time Entries
  • My Mailbox bell