Leaving Augsburg

Providing Notice of Resignation and Retirement

Submit Notice of Resignation or Retirement

  • Staff should provide notice at least two (2) weeks prior to their last day of employment.
  • Retiring staff should provide notice at least one (1) month prior to their last day of employment
  • Per the Faculty Handbook “Faculty who choose to resign or retire are encouraged to communicate their intentions with the Office of Academic Affairs in a timely manner.” One-month notice is a suggestion.

Providing timely notice to Human Resources and departments allows all parties to thoughtfully plan transitions and ensure the best experience for students and colleagues.


Benefits coverage through Augsburg University for health, dental, vision, life/AD&D insurance will continue through the last day of the month in which you were employed.

More information about benefits continuation can be found in Separation Information For Employees (PDF) guide


Under the Consolidated Omnibus Reconciliation Act (COBRA), separated employees have the right to continue certain benefits coverage offered through the Employer group plan at their own expense for a period of 18-36 months, depending on your circumstances

Under COBRA, you have the right to continue your current coverage at your own expense under the Augsburg University group plan until you are either covered by another group plan, covered through Medicare, or for a period of 18-36 months, depending on circumstances.

Tuition Benefit

If you are currently receiving tuition benefits for yourself, your spouse or dependent, your benefit will end at the end of the current semester. Approval for tuition remission is contingent upon employment status. You will not be eligible for any additional tuition benefits for any subsequent semesters. Retiring employees should contact Human Resources for additional information regarding retiree tuition benefits.

Unused Vacation and Sick Time (Staff Only)

On your final pay date, you will be paid for accrued and unused vacation time as of your last day of employment. Please submit your final timesheet to your supervisor through Kronos on the last day of your employment. Employees are not paid for unused sick leave. All staff vacation payouts are limited to 120 hours.

Vacation may not be taken after an employee has given verbal or written notice of resignation of employment.

Final Date of Employment and Final Pay Date

Your termination date will be recorded as your last day of actual work. Your final pay will be processed in accordance with the regular payroll cycle. Your final pay will be submitted through direct deposit. Please note you will no longer have access to your pay slips in Agresso Web after your last date of employment, so be sure to print or save that information for your personal records.

Departure Checklist

You will receive a copy of the Departure Checklist once HR has begun to process your termination to help you and your supervisor plan your transition. The Google Sheet will be shared with you and your supervisor.

Faculty Retirement & Departure

Faculty who resign, retire, or will not have their appointment renewed for the following academic year will end employment on the last day of the month in which they are actively working. Final wages for the academic term or year will be paid in a lump sum on the next regularly scheduled pay date upon departure. Benefits will end on the last day of the month of active employment. Faculty who are continuing in some capacity must clarify duties, payment schedules, and benefits with Academic Affairs and Human Resources.


A Faculty member on a 9-month appointment who is not teaching over the summer will have the last date of employment and benefits May 31st. Because they were on a 9-month appointment paid over 12 months, the remainder of their appointment will be paid out in a lump sum on the next regularly scheduled pay period.