New & Current Student Employees

New Student Employee Guide & Links


Time Entry Guide for Student Employees

  • Each day, please enter your hours as you work them, and click SAVE.
  • When you have recorded all times worked at the end of the pay period, click SAVE and SUBMIT FOR APPROVAL in the upper right corner.
  • We encourage you to submit the timesheet on Friday of the pay period, unless you work on Saturday.
  • If a timesheet needs correcting within the pay period, ask your supervisor to reject the timesheet. Rejected timesheet will be sent back to you for review and/or editing. 
  • Please edit or correct, and resubmit to your supervisor for approval before the deadline.
  • Late timesheets received after the payroll deadline will be processed the following pay period.
  •  If you have any questions about payroll and time entry, please email

Check for your position code when you begin working; problems are easier to fix when we fix them early. If you do not see the link or do not have access to time entry, please contact immediately.

Payroll Schedule: 

2024 Payroll Schedule

  • Payroll periods last 2 weeks, start on a Sunday and end on the Saturday two weeks later.
  • Timesheets are due every other Friday (unless you work on Saturdays). Please add a calendar reminder so you don’t miss timesheet deadlines

Student Responsibilities:

  • Enter hours worked daily, accurately and submit your timesheet on time. Timesheets are legal documents, so hours entered must reflect actual hours worked.
  • Contact your supervisor when you’ve submitted your timesheet.
  • Create a calendar reminder for every other Friday to prevent missed deadlines.
  • Once a timesheet is submitted but corrections are required, contact your supervisor to “reject” your timesheet; this will unlock it, and you can make edits or corrections, then resubmit to your supervisor for approval.

Timesheet Corrections for Past Pay Periods:

  • The Timesheet Corrections Form is designed to record any missed hours that were not paid on a past paycheck
  •  Scroll down to “Taxes & Payroll Forms” and choose “Timesheet Corrections”
  • Complete a timesheet correction form for hours missed on past timesheets.  
  • Timesheet Correction Forms should ONLY be used on rare occasions, not as a substitute for submitting timesheets regularly. Employees who frequently miss timesheet deadlines will be subject to corrective action.
  • Sick Time: Sick time can be used only for scheduled shifts missed due to illness, injury, doctor’s appointments, or care for a sick relative.
  • Sick time cannot be used for general time off or vacation.
  • Sick time is not paid out when employment ends, or when a student leaves their job
  • Misuse of sick time hours may result in corrective action or dismissal from student employment.

Payslip and W-2 Access

Current Students can access their W2s through Records and Registration.

  • Login to Inside Augsburg, click Records & Registration
  • Click Student Employment Records
  • Look for the Payslip / IRS Form W-2. Choose View/Download PDF

Student W2 Access

Request a copy of 2023 W2s

W2 forms for work performed in 2023 were mailed to all current and former employees on or before January 31, 2024. Please allow 5-7 business days for delivery. You may request a copy of your 2023 W2

Student Employment Dates: 

Student Employment Period Start Date End Date
Summer 2024 6/1/2024 8/31/2024
Academic Year 2024-25 9/1/2024 5/3/2025
Summer 2025 TBD
Academic Year 2025-26 TBD

FICA taxes

During the academic year, student employment earnings are exempt from FICA taxes (Social Security and Medicare). During summer employment, student employees are required by law to pay FICA taxes International students are exempt from FICA taxes year-round.

Attendance, Breaks and Time Off

Attendance and Punctuality

  • In order to maintain a productive work environment, the university expects student employees to report to work on time, and be present to work as scheduled. Absenteeism, including arriving late and leaving early, places a burden on other staff and student team members and on the university
  • A student who cannot avoid being late to work, who is unable to report to work as scheduled, or who must leave before the end of the work shift must speak to the supervisor prior to anticipated tardiness or absence. If advance notice is not possible, the student must report to the supervisor with an explanation at least 2 (two) hours prior to the absence. Any student employee who does not report to work and does not call for 3 (three) days will be considered to have voluntarily resigned from the job 
  • Student work is on-campus work; students cannot work remotely. With the exception of community-based positions, all work must be completed on campus

Break and Work Hours

Student employees can work up to–but no more than–20 hours per work week over all on-campus positions, which is a total of 40 hours per pay period.

Students who work four or more consecutive hours are entitled to a 15 minute paid break. The 15 minute break is intended for students to step away from their workload and workspace. Student employees who work 6 hours or more per day are entitled to a 30 minute unpaid lunch break.

Student employees and supervisors would arrange a work schedule that is compatible with the students class schedule while meeting the needs of the department. Student employees are responsible for sharing their schedule with their supervisor. Supervisors have a right to terminate employment if a student’s work schedule does not allow time, or is not sufficient enough to complete job responsibilities. 

Time Off – Sick Time

Student employees are covered by the Minneapolis/ St Paul Sick and Safe Time Minneapolis Sick and Safe Time law. Student employees accrue 1 (one) hour of paid sick time per every 30 hours worked; up to a maximum of 48 hours per year. 

  • Student employees are permitted to carry over accrued, unused sick and safe time into the following year, however it cannot exceed 80 hours at any time
  • Sick time can be used for missed, scheduled shifts only when illness, injury, doctor’s appointments, or care for a sick relative prevents students from working 
  • Sick time is not to be used for time off
  • Sick time is not paid out when employment ends, or when a student leaves their job.
  • The policy details regarding sick and safe time are available in the Employee handbook, located on the HR website
  • Student employees begin accruing on their start date and can begin using accrued time after 90 days of employment.

Supervisors may request a physician’s statement from the student employee if they have been out for more than three days or if the supervisor suspects misuse of earned sick and safe time. Sick time can be used:

  • to recover from physical/mental illness or injury
  • to seek medical diagnosis, treatment, or preventive care
  • to care for a family member:
    • who is ill or needs medical diagnosis, treatment, or preventive care
    • to address medical needs that may arise
    •  if a family member is a victim of domestic abuse, sexual assault or stalking
    • if the employee’s place of business is closed by order of a public official due to a public health emergency
    • to accommodate the employee’s need to care for a family member whose school or place of care has been closed due to inclement weather, loss of power, loss of heating, loss of water, or other unexpected closure

Inclement Weather/ University Holidays

  • In the case of a weather emergency, student employees should communicate with their supervisor to flex hours in order to make up for any missed working hours.
  • Student Employees do not get paid for any work missed for closures due to inclement weather or university-wide emergencies, unless otherwise specified.
  • When the university or a department is closed, student employees are not authorized to work, except in designated departments.
  • Student employees may NOT work on university-recognized holidays when their departments are closed, with the exception of those that remain open for holidays or overnights (e.g., dispatch).


Professional Conduct 

Student employees provide an invaluable contribution to the work performed at Augsburg University, and must:

  • Be dependable and prompt, and conduct themselves in a professional manner
  • Take into account studying, student activities, personal time, lunchtime and breaks between classes, and schedule work hours accordingly with the supervisor. Communication is key if there are questions
  • Work all scheduled hours each week, and communicate with the supervisor with questions
  • Refrain from doing homework or engaging in similar non-work activities, unless expressly permitted by supervisor
  • Discourage friends and family from visiting or contacting them via phone at work, unless an emergency occurs
  • Student employees should discuss any work-related problems with their supervisor. If the problem cannot be resolved, the student should contact HR at 612-330-1058

Dress Code and Professional Appearance

Student employees must dress appropriately, should practice good hygiene, and dress in accordance with the department and division in which they work. Clothing that would be considered inappropriate is not permitted for the workplace. Individual departments may set more specific and detailed attire expectations in keeping with the type of work performed. All employees should remember that they represent Augsburg University, and dress code should be discussed with the department supervisor. 

  • Clothing should be clean, free of stains, rips,  tears, or odors, and provide appropriate coverage
  • Inappropriate attire includes clothing with profanity, offensive pictures/artwork, or sexually suggestive slogans or drawings; clothing that exposes the midriff or cleavage; and
  • clothing that exposes undergarments, or the observable lack of undergarments 
  • The University reserves the right to send student employees home to change clothes if they are in violation of the dress code. Time spent away from work for this reason is unpaid.


Misconduct by a student employee will not be tolerated under any conditions. Misconduct could result in a variety of disciplinary measures, including notation in a student’s permanent file and or revocation of a student privilege to work on-campus for the rest of the academic year, and/or permanently. If a student does not show up for work, reports late to work or does not complete work satisfactorily, it is the supervisors right to terminate employment.

Some examples of misconduct may include:

  • Continued unsatisfactory job performance
  • Excessive absenteeism/tardiness without notice
  • Job abandonment (3 consecutive days where the employee has not called or reported to work)
  • Falsification of timekeeping records. Timesheets are legal documents
  • Theft
  • Negligence or improper conduct leading to damage of Augsburg-owned property
  • Insubordination or other disrespectful behavior
  • Fighting or threatening violence in the workplace
  • Unauthorized disclosure of confidential information
  • Violation of departments rules and regulations


Student employees must understand that they may be exposed to information that is private and confidential while working at Augsburg University. Some departments’ student duties may include exposure to confidential records, which may contain individually identifiable student info, the disclosure of which is prohibited by the Family and Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 (FERPA). 

  • Student records are not to be removed from any Augsburg office by student employees, unless requested to do so by the appropriate supervisor for official purposes
  • Student employees who are granted access to student records information are accountable for the protection of the information and its contents while it is in their possession
  • Student employees are prohibited from accessing or sharing or discussing personal records or information regarding friends, peers or other university employees with other individuals on or off campus. Questions about confidentiality parameters should be discussed with the department supervisor.

Employee Handbook

Student should refer to EE handbook on policies related to employment with Augsburg when necessary, or contact Human Resources at

Separation/Ending Employment

There are several reasons why a separation of student employment may occur.  Some of these reasons may include: 

  • the student choosing to resign
  • the supervisor discharging a student employee due to continuous poor performance
  • the student withdrawing from classes at Augsburg University
  • a departmental budget that can’t support more student employee hours, or 
  • the graduation of a student. 
For existing or returning student employees:

For new student employees entering hours worked for the first time:

Student Employment includes hourly jobs in many departments and buildings on campus, but does not include jobs in the bookstore and food service; those jobs are managed by outside vendors.

  • Residence Life leadership roles are managed through Residence Life, and are not considered student employment jobs because they are compensated primarily with a housing contract. The supplemental stipend is now paid through payroll.
  • Student rate of pay is $15.57 per hour.
  • Most student positions run for the entire school year, but there are a few whose time span is shorter, for a season or for a semester. Human resources and student employment will set up each position according to the time frame required for the position.
  • Applicants for student employment jobs must have work-study as part of their financial aid package. If you have questions about your financial aid award and or work-study eligibility, contact
  • All new student employees are required to complete  new hire steps before work begins: Background check, electronic forms packet, and an orientation session, which includes I-9 verification meeting with Human Resources.
  • All start dates will be determined by Human Resources, and confirmation  will be sent for every student employee. Supervisors must not allow or schedule students to work until approval and start date are received from Human Resources/Student Employment.
  • Returning students are not required to complete new hire paperwork  (direct deposit, tax forms, I-9 forms, background check) if done within one year of last date of working on-campus. If rehired, returning students will receive confirmation, and will complete the Returning Student Employee Form, sent by their supervisor.

Payroll Information

Pay Rates

The rate of pay for all on-campus student employment positions: $15.57 per hour.

Pay Schedule

Pay periods are two weeks in duration, beginning on a Sunday, running two weeks, and ending on Saturday.

      • Students are expected to have timesheets submitted no later than 4 pm on the Friday when the corresponding pay period ends, unless they work on Saturday, the last day of the pay period.
      • Supervisors must approve timesheets before 12 pm the following Monday. Timesheets submitted after the Monday deadline will be processed and paid in the following pay period.

Prospective Student Employees: Before you Apply for Student Employment

All student workers must complete:

      • New Hire Forms
      • Background Check
      • I-9 Employment Eligibility Verification Form: Form I-9 is used to verify the identity and employment authorization of all employees hired to work in the United States.

Please be prepared and have the necessary IDs and/or documents with you for the meeting with HR to verify your identity and your employment eligibility. You may need to get documents from home to complete the I-9 form.

All students working on-campus for the first time must report to the Student Employment Office and complete their I-9 before they begin work. Students must not begin working without a complete and valid I-9 on file.

Three Steps to Complete Once Hired (New Employees)

Once you’ve been hired to a new student employment job on campus, you must complete 3 steps within 7 days, before you start work:

    1. Complete a background check
    2. Complete onboarding forms (tax forms, direct deposit form, I-9 page 1)
    3. Make an appointment for an in-person meeting with HR/Student Employment to verify both your identity (a picture ID) and your work eligibility. Please check that you currently have those required documents with you on campus; some students may need to get documents or IDs from home if they do not have them in their possession at school. Please bring all documents/IDs you’ll need to do this.

What documents/IDs should I bring to the meeting? List A or Lists B AND C

All employees are responsible for presenting documentation that they are eligible to work in the US. Federal law requires employment eligibility of all employees is verified BEFORE they begin working (I-9 form). Augsburg performs this verification in-person, and with original documents only. Copies are not accepted.


If you have any questions about your timesheets, paychecks, or other payroll related issues, please contact:
Charlotte Swanson
Student Employment Specialist
Augsburg University
Memorial Hall – Room 19
(612) 330-1058
(612) 330-1443 Fax