Hiring Adjunct Faculty

In order to improve equity and visibility of adjunct employment opportunities and streamline hiring processes for department chairs, program directors, applicants and Human Resources, all adjunct faculty positions will be posted to the Augsburg careers site (Hirezon) for adjunct positions starting Summer 2022 (though postings can be created immediately!). All new candidates will submit an application through Hirezon.

Adjunct faculty that have taught at Augsburg previously and still have an active HR record do not need to re-apply. Please submit their assigned courses with the Course Change Request Form.

Create a Requisition / Job Posting

Video from Fall 2021 Department chair training

Adjunct requisitions should be designed to generate a pool of candidates. Adjunct job postings should be posted for 1-2 academic years. The job descriptions may mention examples of courses that are needed, but the posting should not be specific to an individual course.

  1. When logged in to Inside Augsburg click Administrative Tasks > Reviews/Searches.
  2. Click Forms
  3. Click Start New Form
  4. Select Department: Academic Departments …
  5. Choose Category: Recruitment
  6. Choose Template: Adjunct Faculty Position – Requisition
  7. Click Use Job Template Library. Choose the template that most closely resembles your requisition.
  8. Add the position title in the Title/Name field
  9. Click Create Form
  10. Click Adjunct Faculty Requisition Form. Complete the form.
    Click Save & Submit, and then Continue
  11. Under Job Details click the Position Title. Update the Job Description, Requirements, and Additional information text boxes.
    Click Save Job Details, then Close
  12. At the bottom of the window click Send for Next Action
  13. Human Resources will review the requisition and post the position within 5 business days.

Once the position is posted you can share the application link with your contacts.

Review & Hire Applicants

  1. When logged in to Inside Augsburg click Administrative Tasks > Reviews/Searches.
  2. Click Applicant Tracking
  3. Click on the job posting
  4. Select an applicant to view their application
  5. After choosing the candidate to hire and verifying their acceptance click the Recommendation to Hire [Forms] link.
    Recommend to hire link
  6. Complete the Recommend to Hire Form
    • Academic Affairs will approve hire and verify terminal degree status
    • Human Resources will begin onboarding process
  7. Submit a Course Change Request

Hiring additional applicants

If you are unable to use the Remmend to Hire [Forms] link on a requisition please reach out to hr@augsburg.edu. You can also follow the steps below:

  1. Inside Augsburg > Administrative Tasks > Reviews/Searches
  2. Click on the Forms module
  3. Click on the requisition in the Published Forms dashboard.
  4. Switch from Active Tasks to All Tasks (upper right corner)
  5. Look in the recommendations section for a grayed out recommendation with an hourglass
    Waiting Recommendation

    • Actions > Clone WorkflowNo grayed out hourglass? Click on the … Actions menu on the first recommendation and choose Clone Workflow
  6. To enable this recommendation click …Actions and choose Publish or Republish
    Click ...Actions, Republish
  7. The waiting recommendation icon will be replaced by a blue In Progress recommendation icon. Click on Candidate Information to recommend another candidate for hire.
    Recommendation in progress
  8. Repeat the recommend to hire process.
  • Note: You are required to complete all In Progress / Published recommendations before sending for next action (HR Approval).
    • If you are not ready to hire all candidates only Republish the number you wish to hire currently
    • If you are not ready to fill all openings you can de-activate excess recommendations by clicking …Actions and choosing Mark as Incomplete

Onboarding Process for New Hires

  • Federal Law requires that all new hires complete I-9 Verification in-person before the new employee can start work. Augsburg email and Moodle credentials cannot be created until I-9 verification is complete
  • Applicant required to submit
    • official transcripts
    • background check
    • new hire paperwork

Closing Requisitions

Requisitions for adjunct positions should be renewed every 1-2 years. This is designed to balance the need to maintain a fresh pool of candidates with the administrative burden of re-posting positions.


  • I’m hiring an adjunct that taught in a different program before. Do they need to apply through Hirezon?
    • No, they do not need to apply through Hirezon.  Just submit a Course Change Request.
  • If an adjunct will be teaching entirely online do they need to reside in Minnesota?
    • Employees who work 100% remote must reside in one of the following states:
      Minnesota, Wisconsin, Arizona, New York, California, Iowa, Massachusetts
  • A staff member who hasn’t taught before will be teaching a course. Do they need to apply through Hirezon?
    • No. If this is their first time teaching a course they will need to submit their official transcripts to the Provost’s office. Submit a Course Change Request.
  • Do I need to create a new requisition / job posting for each course that will be taught by adjuncts in my department / program?
    • No. Design the job posting description to encompass any and all adjunct needs in the department / program. A list of courses that may be taught can be included.
  • On the Recommend to Hire form it asks if the candidate has a terminal degree. Do candidates need to have a terminal degree to be hired? What if they have a terminal degree in one program, but not another?
    • No. The purpose of this field is to determine pay rates.
  • Does Human Resources interview adjunct candidates?
    • No. Program directors & department chairs are responsible for interviewing and selecting adjunct faculty. Program Deans and the Assistant Provost for Academic Administration will verify candidate qualifications.
  • When is the background check?
    • Only candidates that are recommended to hire will be asked to complete background checks.
  • If I already have someone in mind for the position do they need to apply through Hirezon?
    • If they have taught at Augsburg before, no.
    • If they have not taught at Augsburg before, yes, they need to apply through Hirezon. You can email them the job posting directly.
  • How can I manage applicants?
    • Use folders Applicant Tracking System to organize applicants. For example, move candidates that have been recommended to hire into the “Yes” folder. Move candidates that are not a good fit into the “No” folder. Note: folders are strictly for your own organization. You must still use the “Recommend to Hire” link and process to initiate the hire.
  • Why do pool positions only last 1-2 years?
    • Pool positions should be closed and reposted to update job descriptions and remove stale applications. When reposting a job you can select applicants from the old requisition and choose Move Selected: Send E-mail to send them a direct link to apply for the refreshed position. This allows applicants to submit an updated resume.