Modality Change

Use this form to change the delivery modality of an already approved residential course. Any change to the content (objectives) of an existing course, course name/number, adding a new course, or eliminating a course from the catalog would need separate approval by AAC. 

Modality Change form – To change an approved courses modality – for example adding online or hybrid modality to an already approved residential course. 

Required supplemental materials:

  •  The current course syllabus (if this is an existing course)
  • The proposed course syllabus in the new modality (it does not need to be specific to an instructor). Use the Syllabus Template from CTL. Please include a general course topic schedule.

Required signatures:

Please distribute your proposal to the following individuals and gather their signatures before submitting the proposal to AAC. 

  • Department Chair (must approve the proposal)
  • Director of Online and Blended Learning (signature indicates that they reviewed the proposal)
  • Registrar (signature indicates that they reviewed the proposal)
  • Director of General Education (if applicable – signature indicates that they reviewed the proposal)
  • Dean of Arts or Professional Studies ((signature indicates that they reviewed the proposal)

Once your form is complete, please submit here — 


NOTE: All supplemental materials should be emailed to  Please add the proposed course prefix and number to the file name (ex,: MUS100 Syllabus).