Graduate Academic Affairs Committee (GAAC)

Curricular Updates

Academic Affairs maintains a real-time curricular update:  GAAC Tracking Spreadsheet.
*Look to AAC/GAAC Summary Update for information prior to the 2018-2019 academic year.

Meetings and Agendas

GAAC Semester Summary: Fall 2023

Past years’ materials, including agendas and minutes can be found in the GAAC Archives.

Graduate Academic Affairs Committee (GAAC) Voting Members

  • Marcia Bennett (PsyD)
  • Phyllis Kapetanakis (Business Administration)
  • Juyoung Lee (Music Therapy)
  • Audrey Lensmire (Education, At-Large)
  • Jason Lukasik (Education)
  • Joyce Miller (Nursing)
  • Carolyn Evans (MAL Program)
  • Lindsay Starck (MFA Program)
  • Erin Sugrue (Social Work)
  • Vacant  (PA)
  • Monica Devers (Dean of Graduate/Professional Studies)
  • Tom Kelsey (Registrar)

GAAC Proposal Submission

To submit a proposal for GAAC Committee review, please follow the steps outlined below.

  1. Click the link to the desired proposal template (links below) and select ‘Create a copy’ to create a copy of the template in your personal Google Drive.
  2. Once you’ve filled out your proposal and obtained the required signatures, submit the document to this Google Form. Please see note about required signatures below.
  3. Any supplementary materials that you would like to include to support your proposal should be emailed to

Please note that department chair signatures and any other required approvals or signatures must be present on the document before you submit your proposal. Signatures indicate that the individual has reviewed the proposal, they do not necessarily indicate approval by the individual. Submitting the form creates another copy of your document, so signatures obtained after you use the submission link below will not be accessible to GAAC.

Submission Deadlines

See information about submission deadlines here.