Course Proposals


GAAC Course Form: New and Revised Courses

The course form is required for the following types of proposals:

  • A new course
  • Revision to an existing course, such as:
    • Change in course code, title, course description, prerequisites, or course content/objectives
    • Approval for online or hybrid delivery

Drafting Your Proposal

When the Google Form is submitted, your responses will automatically populate into a  Google Doc that becomes your proposal document. You will receive via email an invitation to edit your proposal document. This is the only way to securely make changes to your proposal after it has been  submitted. Note that you must reach the end of the form and hit “submit” to receive your Google Doc.

Caution: If you finish your proposal in the Google Form and click “Submit”, but then use the “Back” button or arrow to go back and edit your proposal, and then you click  “Submit” again, you will be submitting a second proposal, a near duplicate of the first. Since one of them will be deleted, this poses a risk that the additional work you put into your proposal will be lost.

A course proposal requires the following:

    • Proposal: You must submit a course proposal online via Google Form (see link at top of page)
    • Syllabus:  The GAAC reviews syllabi in order to maintain rigor of a graduate education. The list below summarizes the pieces that GAAC looks for on a graduate course syllabus.
        • Instructor name, contact information, office hours
        • Course number, title, and description
        • Learning objectives
        • List of texts, readings
        • List of assignments and abbreviated course outline/sample course schedule
        • Methods of evaluation and grading policy
        • Meeting dates and method of delivery
        • Accommodation statement
        • Academic honesty/integrity statement

      The syllabus should explain how the course assignments will allow students to realize the course’s learning objectives.

    • SignaturesYour proposal (the Google Doc created from your web form responses) will be shared with the required reviewers after your supplemental documentation has been received. The reviewers, who will have “suggesting” access, will be some combination of the following, depending on the nature of your proposal: Department Chair(s)/Program Director(s), Academic Dean, Registrar’s Office, and LFC/E-Learning Team. Reviewers will receive an email invitation to review and sign the proposal, and you will be copied on the invitation. After this initial point of contact by staff, it is YOUR (the proposer’s) responsibility to ensure that the required signatures are in place. The proposal cannot be considered by the Committee without all signatures.

Note: Reviewers may enter their signatures directly on the last page of the Google doc proposal. 

Submission Deadline

The deadline for completed proposals, including signatures, is 5 p.m. on Tuesday one week prior to the GAAC meeting date. (Meeting dates are listed on the University’s Academic Affairs Calendar.) The proposal cannot be considered by the Committee until all of the required signatures are in place.