Timeline for Submission

Agendas are finalized one week prior to an AAC meeting. The submission window closes on each alternating Monday at 5pm. Meeting dates are on the Academic Affairs calendar. AAC will try to review as many proposals as time will allow during their stated meeting. If all proposals are not able to be reviewed, they will be moved to the next stated meeting.

A completed proposal must have departmental approval and all requested supplements. Once submitted the proposal will be circulated for comments (about a two week period). After the comment period, it will be put on the AAC agenda. In most cases, a completed proposal will be put on an agenda within two weeks of submission.   

Proposal submission deadlines:

Course Changes

    • To be effective for the Fall or Summer semester, submit by the last meeting in March.
    • To be effective for the Spring semester, submit by the last meeting in October.

Catalog Changes

    •  Submit by the last meeting in March

Significant Program and Policy Revisions

    • Must get approval at least one year before implementation to allow sufficient time for recruitment efforts and to implement changes within the college.