Academic Affairs Committee (AAC)

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Academic Affairs Committee (AAC)

AAC meets at 3:40 in Lindell 301 on alternating Mondays during Fall and Spring semesters (see the Academic Affairs calendar).

Curricular Updates

Academic Affairs maintains a real-time curricular update: AAC Tracking Spreadsheet .

Information prior to the 2018-2019 academic year can be found in the AAC/GAAC Summary Update.

Meetings Minutes

2023-2024 AAC Meeting Minutes

2022-2023 AAC Meeting Minutes

2021-2022 AAC Meeting Minutes

2020-2021 AAC Meeting Minutes

Past years’ materials, including agendas and meeting minutes, can be found in the AAC Archives.

Academic Affairs Committee, 2023-2024

  • David Crowe, Biology
  • Jacqui deVries, History
  • Jacob Enger, Business (AAC Co-Chair) 
  • Nancy Fischer, Sociology
  • Jenny Hanson, Communication Studies, Film, New Media
  • Melissa Hensley, Social Work
  • Kao Nou Moua, Social Work
  • Ly Nguyen, Critical Race and Ethnicity Studies
  • Ana Ribeiro, Health, Physical Education, and Exercise Science (AAC Co-Chair)
  • Lanaia Sherer, Student Representative

Additional members

  • A shared vote between the Dean of Arts and Sciences/Dean of Professional Studies
  • A vote by a student selected by the Student Government

Advisory (non-voting) members

  • Kelsey Richardson Blackwell, Senior Director of Advising & Registration
  • Stacy Freiheit, Director of General Education
  • Mary Hollerich, Library Director
  • Tom Kelsey, University Registrar
  • Leah Spinosa de Vega, Executive Director, Global Initiatives & Off-Campus Study