Faculty Senate

Faculty Senate will be meeting via Zoom in 2021-2022. Meetings are held from 3:40 to 5:10 PM on posted Wednesdays. See meeting dates below, on the Inside Augsburg calendar, or on the Academic Affairs calendar. These are open meetings and visitors are always welcome.

Agendas, materials, and reports to faculty are posted below.

Past materials may be found in the ORGS drive under O:\Faculty Senate\Public, or on the Faculty Senate moodle site.

Senate Report to Faculty on General Education Proposal, February 2020

Senate Report on General Education Proposal

Faculty Senate Dashboard 2018

Faculty Senate Dashboard 2018

Faculty Senators, 2021-22

Andrew Aoki, Political Science – Faculty Senate President
Eric Buffalohead, American Indian Studies
Kristen Chamberlain, Communication Studies, Film & New Media
Ankita Deka, Social Work
Vivian Feng, Chemistry
Milda Hedblom, Political Science
Marc Isaacson, Business Administration
Matthew Maruggi, Religion/Philosophy
Joaquin Munoz, American Indian Studies
Bridget Robinson-Riegler, Psychology
Deborah Schuhmacher, Nursing
James Vela-McConnell, Sociology

Meeting Dates, 2021-22

September 8, 22
October 6, 20
November 3, 17
December 1, 15
January 12, 26
February 9, 23
March 9, 30
April 6, 20


Meeting Minutes and Materials

20-21 Meeting Minutes
20-21 Meeting Materials

19-20 Meeting Minutes
19-20 Meeting Materials

18-19 Meeting Minutes
18-19 Meeting Materials

Senate Reports to the Faculty

20-21 Senate Reports to the Faculty

19-20 Senate Reports to the Faculty

18-19 Senate Reports to the Faculty

Faculty Senate Representatives on Board of Regents Committees

Each year two members of the Faculty Senate are appointed to serve as faculty representatives on the five Board of Regents Committees.

The 2021-22 representatives are:

  • Academic Affairs
    • Deborah Schuhmacher, James Vela-McConnell
  • Advancement
    • Milda Hedblom
  • Enrollment Management and Marketing
    • Bridget Robinson-Riegler, Kristen Chamberlain
  • Student Affairs
    • Eric Buffalohead, Matt Maruggi
  • Finance
    • Andy Aoki, Marc Isaacson

Faculty Senate Representatives on Faculty Committees

Members of the Faculty Senate are also appointed to serve as representatives on the Faculty Committees.

The 2021-22 representatives are:

  • Committee on Academic Planning (UCAP)
    • Ankita Deka, Milda Hedblom
  • Personnel Policies Committee (PPC)
    • Kristin Chamberlain
  • Senate Committee on Faculty Equity
    • Milda Hedblom, Bridget Robinson-Riegler, James Vela-McConnell
  • University Council Resources Committee
    • Andy Aoki, Marc Isaacson
  • University Council Diversity and Inclusion Committee
    • Eric Buffalohead, Deborah Schuhmacher
  • Senate Representative to Subcommittee on Committees 
    • Vivian Feng
  • Admissions and Enrollment Committee
    • Dal Liddle