Non-Curricular Changes

Use this form to make non-curricular changes to an existing course in the curriculum, such as changes that do NOT change AAC approved course learning outcomes/ Institutional Learning outcomes (ISLOs). Examples include: changing the course number without changing the course level (i.e.: 1XX to 1XX), changing prerequisites, and course descriptions. 

For course number changes that include changes in level (100 to 200, 200 to 300, etc), use the curricular changes form.

Click on the link to the Google form template to create a copy.  Please rename your document with the relevant department, course number, and/or name of policy you wish to propose (ex: MUS100 Non-Curricular Changes)

Non-Curricular Changes form – For non-curricular course changes, THAT DO NOT change AAC approved learning outcomes– for example course description, course number, or name within the same level (i.e.: 1XX to 1XX).

Required supplemental materials:

  •  The current course syllabus (if this is an existing course)

Required signatures:

Please distribute your proposal to the following individuals and gather their signatures before submitting the proposal to AAC. 

  • Department Chair (must approve the proposal)
  • Registrar (signature indicates that they reviewed the proposal)
  • Director of General Education (if applicable – signature indicates that they reviewed the proposal)
  • Dean of Arts or Professional Studies ((signature indicates that they reviewed the proposal)

Once your form is complete, please submit here — 


NOTE: All supplemental materials should be emailed to  Please add the proposed course prefix and number to the file name (ex,: MUS100 Syllabus).