Student Guide

Whether you are attending Augsburg University for the first time or continuing your study, the Student Guide should provide useful information about policies and procedures. All Augsburg students are responsible for familiarizing themselves with the content of the Student Guide and following all of its policies and procedures. 

These policies are subject to change without notice.

Additional resources include the Augsburg University Catalog*, Residence Life Handbook and the Student Organization Handbook.

Student Guide Policies

Standards of Conduct and Accountability Processes

Admission to the University

Academic Life

Access and Equity

Communications and Solicitations



Student Life


  • *The Augsburg University Catalog is an official publication of Augsburg University; it should answer most questions students have about the University and its curriculum. Note: While information was current at the time of the Catalog’s publication, it is subject to change without notice. Information includes, but is not limited to, detail on Admissions (Undergraduate Day and Weekend, Graduate and other Programs), Academic Policies and Procedures (e.g. registration, withdrawal from university, petition process, military call to active duty, re-admission and transfer credit), Graduation Requirements, and information on Evaluation and Grading. Printed catalogs are available from the Office of Admissions; more information is available on