Conduct Adjudication Process

Augsburg University Standards of Conduct

The University has adopted Standards of Conduct which require students and their organizations to lead in matters of behavior with ethical and moral integrity. Augsburg strives to provide a community that protects each student’s freedom to learn and that seeks the orderly resolution of human problems while honoring the fundamental rights of all. It is the goal of Augsburg University to create and maintain a respectful environment for members of the University community, including students, staff, faculty, administration, and visitors. Such an environment is congruent with the University mission and values and, as such, serves to enhance the teaching-learning process.

Conduct Adjudication Process

Augsburg University expects its students to be responsible in their personal behavior and to comply with all established standards for student behavior. To this end, adjudication procedures have been established to review the case of any student who is accused of violating the University’s Standards of Conduct and to give that student an opportunity to explain the behavior in question. 

The Conduct Adjudication Process is used to review alleged violations of:

  1. The Standards of Conduct (except in certain cases listed below).
  2. Residential Guidebook policies.
  3. Additional University policies.

The procedures in this process allow for flexibility and timeliness in determining student responsibility and sanctions. Since this is a civil system and not a criminal system, the process affords minimum procedural protections.

Other Adjudication Processes

The Conduct Adjudication Process is not used for alleged violations of policies below (please click on the policy to learn more about the specific adjudication process used):