Title IX Coordinator and Deputies


Title IX refers to Title IX of the Educational Amendments of 1972, and it prohibits discrimination on the basis of gender by institutions receiving federal money.  Generally, the Title IX Coordinator is responsible for the development, implementation, and monitoring of meaningful efforts to comply with Title IX law. This includes overseeing the Title IX complaint process as well as identifying and addressing any patterns or systemic problems that arise.

Augsburg University’s Title IX Coordinator

Title IX Coordinator
Katie Bishop
Chief Student Success Officer
Memorial Hall 118A

The following Deputies work with the Title IX Coordinator to identify any patterns or systemic problems that arise and may assist as investigators of complaints.

  • Deputy Officer for Students
    Michael Grewe, Dean of Students
    Memorial Hall, Room 118G
    612-330-1499 | grewe@augsburg.edu
  • Deputy Officer for Athletics
    Melissa Lee, Associate Athletic Director
    Si Melby Hall, Room 205C
    612-330-1654 | leem3@augsburg.edu
  • Deputy Officer for Employees
    Dawn Miller, Director and Chief Human Resources Officer
    Memorial Hall 19
    612-330-1216 | millerd1@augsburg.edu
  • Deputy Officer
    Leif Anderson, Chief Information Officer
    Memorial Hall 124
    612-330-1497 | andersol@augsburg.edu
  • Deputy Officer
    Noah Greenfield, Program Coordinator, Dean of Students Office
    Memorial Hall 118
    612-330-1160 | greenfin@augsburg.edu
Reporting to Law Enforcement

Individuals always have the option to notify law enforcement. Augsburg University will assist in contacting the Minneapolis Police or other agency if requested. Filing a police report is not required in order for Augsburg University to pursue a report on campus.    The criminal process is separate from action that occurs through the University. An individual may report an incident with Augsburg and not with law enforcement and vice versa.