Student Care Team

The Augsburg University Student Care Team is a multidisciplinary team that works on proactively addressing and identifying individual and systemic concerns faced by students experiencing significant difficulties. 

How can faculty and staff support students facing difficulties?

The Student Care Team has developed a Supporting Students in Crisis guide to assist faculty and staff on how to support students, including when, how, and where to report specific situations to the University.

Who should be referred to the Student Care Team?

Faculty, staff, students, parents, friends, and others are encouraged to refer a student to the Student Care Team if they are exhibiting behaviors that are impacting their personal, physical, and emotional well-being. These behaviors may include but are not limited to:

  • Alcohol or substance use
  • Death of someone close (friend, family, other)
  • Family emergency 
  • Hospitalization
  • Injury or illness
  • Lack of family or social support
  • Mental health concerns
  • No longer communicating / attending classes / attending other functions
  • Resource insecurities (housing insecurity, food insecurity, financial difficulties, etc.)
  • Sudden changes in behavior
  • Threat of or actual harm to self or others
  • Other

What is the role of the Student Care Team?

The Student Care Team meets weekly during the academic year and shares relevant information with each other (unless prohibited by their role as a confidential resource) in order to develop a systematic response to specific students’ concerns. These responses include connecting students with relevant on- and off-campus resources and creating an action plan for students to ensure their success.

How do I report a student concern?

Faculty and Staff should issue the alert through Navigate (Referral: Dean of Students/Students Care Team).

Students, parents, friends, and others should use the form linked below to file a report.

Report a Student of Concern

What will happen when I report a concern?

The Dean of Students will determine how to address the concern. Examples include:

  • Referring the concern to another staff or faculty member on campus, who can then work with the student in question.
  • Reach out to the student directly and connect about any concerns they are having.
  • Discuss the concerns identified with the Student Care Team to address a plan of action on working with the student in question.

What if I am unsure if the concern that I have for a student should be addressed by the Student Care Team?

The Student Care Team would encourage you to report your concern about a student, no matter what that concern may be. If the concern is not addressed by the team, it will be forwarded to another appropriate staff or faculty member on campus.


  • Michael Grewe, Dean of Students (Chair) – 
  • Aly Olson, Director of TRIO/Student Support Services
  • Babette Chatman, University Pastor and Director of Campus Ministry
  • Catherine Maun, Associate Director of Financial Aid
  • Colleen Enrico, Assistant Athletic Director
  • Cory Snyder, Director of Student Accounts
  • Ellie Olson, Director of the Center for Wellness and Counseling
  • Jennifer Butler, Director of Multicultural Life
  • Julie Froslan Ferralez, Associate Director of Advising
  • Kathleen McGillivray, Director of CLASS Office/Disability Resources
  • Katie Bishop, Vice President of Student Experience and Success
  • Kelsey Richardson Blackwell, Senior Director of Advising and Registration
  • Leah Durnin Hoover, Director of Residence Life
  • Mel Lee, Associate Athletic Director
  • Noah Greenfield, Program Coordinator, Student Affairs
  • Robert Harri, Director of Public Safety