Annual Reports

Faculty Annual Report Template

NOTE:  Faculty Annual Reports are not required for the 2021-2022 academic year that would normally be due August 15th, 2022. Some faculty may choose to complete the FAR due to their stage in the tenure review process, or for their own documentation of accomplishments. Chairs are released from the requirement of reviewing and responding to the FAR for members of their department. The suspension for one academic year does not require a FAR covering two years the following year. 

[NOTE:This suspension shall not negatively impact any faculty member under review for tenure, promotion, sabbatical proposal, other leave proposals, or for any other employment review process. This suspension only applies to faculty annual reports, and does not alter any other review process or documentation requirements.] 

During the fall of 2022 PPC, or an identified working group of PPC will commence a review of the FAR process and potential replacements. In February of 2023, they will recommend the existing FAR or an alternative to the faculty for review and a vote.  [Passed 4-13-2022 faculty meeting.]

The following information applies to FARs following the 2021-2022 reporting year.

These instructions and the report template are based on Section 6 of the Augsburg University Faculty Handbook.  Questions on the Handbook or this template may be directed to your Department Chair or your academic Dean.

  • Faculty annual reports are due to your department chair by September 1; chairs submit their report directly to their Dean.
  • Chairs provide written feedback to the faculty annual report by September 30. Faculty may respond in writing to their chair by October 5.
  • Chairs forward faculty annual reports, chair feedback, and faculty response (if any) to their Dean by October 8.
  • Deans discuss faculty annual reports and departmental annual reports with department chairs, and forward copies to the Office of Academic Affairs by December 1.

Department Annual Report Template

After reviewing individual faculty annual reports, and in consultation with the department’s graduate program director or area coordinators (as applicable), the Department Chair or Program Director prepares the Annual Report.  Chairs should consider all programs housed in the academic department (e.g. undergraduate, graduate, AU, Rochester), all instructional modalities (face-to-face, blended, low-residency, and online).  Program Directors who oversee an independent academic unit that is not housed in an academic department should submit a separate report, following these guidelines but adapting them as appropriate to the program. 

Chairs submit this report to their dean, with a copy to KC Gubrud ( in the Office of Academic Affairs, on or before October 8. To support the creation of these reports, chairs and program directors should login and review the data related to their programs in APS. Instructions for completing the APS worksheet may be found here:  APS Review Guide. The completed worksheet should be submitted with the annual department report. Any questions on using APS or the data can be addressed with Marah Jacobson, Assistant Provost for Academic Administration & Registrar (, or David Matz, Associate Provost for Academic Affairs ( Other data may be found on Inside Augsburg under University Reports or by contacting Katy Hahn, Director of Institutional Research and Effectiveness (

Departmental Assessment Report – See Assessment site

Department and program assessment reports are due October 10th, and should be emailed to the Director of Assessment.