Academic Affairs Reports

Curricular Inclusion and Diversity at Augsburg University: An Assessment by Students (2019)
James A. Vela McConnell, with the research assistance of Tom Commers, Jordan Marth, Maribel Morales, Ebelin Morales Delgado, and Loni Rutherford

2019 CIC Diversity, Civility, and the Liberal Arts Report (January 2020)
Report from the from Augsburg University team that participated in the 2019 CIC Institute on how we are incorporating what we learned on our campus. Team members included: Catherine Bishop, Chief Student Success Officer (campus partner); Karen Kaivola, Provost; Joaquin Munoz, Assistant Professor of American Indian Studies and Education; Tim Pippert, Professor of Sociology; and Joanne Reeck, Chief Diversity Officer.

Academic Plan 2025

Shared Governance at Augsburg College Report (May 2014)