Augsburg Experience Faculty and Staff Resources

Collected here are some of the resources and tools you will find helpful as you advise students, develop courses that include an Augsburg Experience, and plan curriculum.

General Education Information Hub (compilation of frequently used faculty and staff resources)

Augsburg Experience Mission and Vision (outlines the original vision articulated in 2005 for the Augsburg Experience requirement)

Augsburg Experience Flow Chart (this handy image details the range of options for Augsburg Experience and the basic requirements for each track)

Experiential Education at Augsburg

Registrar’s Form (link to the Registrar’s page where you can find the form necessary for Augsburg Experience options that are not automatically transcripted — to be filled out by the faculty or staff supervisor)

Note to Faculty and Staff:  If you are proposing a non-course related Augsburg Experience, such as a short-term immersion program during spring break or an international trip for an athletic team, please contact the Director of General Education, Stacy Freiheit early in the planning process.