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Faculty Workload Guidelines

Reassigned Time and Stipend Guidelines

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Faculty Qualifications Policy

Outside Employment Form

Faculty Compensation Resources

Pay Dates and Schedules

2019-2020 pay schedules by term

2020-2021 pay schedules by term

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Viewing pay slips

Faculty Salary Information

Overview of the Faculty Salary Schedule (login required) (steps, lanes, and ranks)

2022-2023 Faculty Salary Schedule (login required)

2021-2022 Faculty Salary Schedule (login required)

2020-2021 Faculty Salary Schedule (login required)

2019-2020 Faculty Salary Schedule (login required)

2018-2019 Faculty Salary Schedule (login required)

Augsburg Faculty Compensation Philosophy (login required)

Summary of Faculty Compensation Increases, 2008-Present (login required)

2022-2023 Adjunct and Overload Rate Policies and Procedures (login required)

For additional information on payroll, contact the Augsburg Payroll Office.

Travel, Grants, Reimbursement, and Payment Requests

Academic Affairs Divisional Travel Request Form (note: for faculty travel funded by CTL, see the CTL grants page)

Academic Affairs Business Meeting Request Form

Travel Expense Report

Travel Reimbursement Policy

Procurement Card Policy

Reimbursement/Honorarium Request Form

Stipend Request Form

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