Our Charge

The Office of Planning and Effectiveness works collaboratively with faculty and staff to support effective and sustainable assessment practice.

Assessment of students’ curricular and co-curricular work helps provide actionable data to promote change and innovation in teaching practice. We provide evidence of the value of our educational program to internal stakeholders, such as to faculty and students, as well as to external stakeholders, such as outside accrediting agencies. The results of recent assessment projects can be found by visiting Institutional Research & Reports.

The assessment of undergraduate, graduate, and co-curricular student experiences are accomplished by faculty and staff from a variety of campus roles, overseen by committees of faculty, staff, and administrative representatives.  More information on the responsible committees, detailed learning outcomes, and supplemental resources can all be found in the drop-down Assessment menu above.

Cycle of assessment practice at Augsburg. from Year 1: Planning and Data collection, to Year 2: Analysis and Reporting, to Year 3: Implementation of Necessary Changes