Chairs and Directors 2022-2023


Department Chair
AIS American, First Nation, and Indigenous Studies Eric Buffalohead
ART Art & Design Christopher Houltberg
BIO Biology David Crowe
BUS Business Administration Jeanne Boeh
CHM Chemistry Michael Wentzel
COM Communication Studies, Film, and New Media Kristen Chamberlain/Bob Groven
CRES Critical Race and Ethnicity Studies Andy Aoki
ECO Economics Stella Hofrenning
EDU Education Jennifer Diaz
ENL English Mzenga Wanyama
HPEE Health, Physical Education, and Exercise Science Tony Clapp
HIS History Michael Lansing
LCS Languages, Cross-Cultural Studies Joseph Towle
MSSC Mathematics, Statistics and Computer Science Pavel Bělík
MUS Music J. Anthony Allen (Interim)
NUR Nursing Joyce Miller
PHY Physics Ben Stottrup
POL Political Science Sarah Combellick-Bidney/Milda Hedblom
PSY Psychology Evren Guler
RLN/PHI Religion and Philosophy Lori Hale
SWK Social Work Christina Erickson
SOC Sociology Nancy Fischer
THR Theater Darcey Engen
Interdisciplinary  Program Director
Environmental Studies Joe Underhill
Film, New Media Jenny Hanson
Gender, Sexuality, and Women’s Studies Adriane Brown
Medieval Studies Michael Kidd
Joyce Miller
Katherine Martin
Social Work
Christina Erickson
Theology/Public Leadership Major Jeremy Myers
Urban Studies Nancy Fischer
Division Chair
Humanities/Fine Arts Lori Hale
Natural/Social Sciences Ben Stottrup
Professional Studies Lori Lohman
Graduate Program Director
MAE Master of Arts in Education Jason Lukasik
MAL Master of Arts in Leadership Carolyn Evans
MBA Master of Business Administration George Dierberger
MFA Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing Stephan Clark/Lindsay Starck
MSW Master of Social Work Ankita Deka
MAN Master of Arts in Nursing
DNP Doctor of Nursing Practice in Transcultural Nursing
Deb Schuhmacher
PA Master of Science in PA Studies Vanessa Bester
PsyD Doctor of Psychology (Clinical Psychology) Margit Berman
MMT Master of Arts in Music Therapy Annie Heiderscheit