Stage 6: Reflection and Celebration

Planning a celebration at the end of the project allows students to understand the impact of what they have done, and to further reflect on how the project has affected them. In addition, it allows them to share their accomplishments with the community, garners community support and recognition, helps the students feel closure of the project, and is, of course, great fun.

Celebrations can be planned either at your school, or at another spot that would highlight a team’s work.

The actual celebration will vary depending on your curriculum and project. However, celebrations should include some kind of presentation of the project by the students, time for students and guests to talk with one another, eat, drink, and have fun. Some groups have held formal presentations inviting the media. Some schools where there are several PA groups have held carnivals.

Another great idea for celebrations is to get some public recognition from the press. Not only will your students love to see themselves in the paper or on TV, but school administrators will likely be pleased as well.