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The Coach’s Guide for Public Achievement
This digital guide contains the material originally published in Building Worlds, Transforming Lives, Making History: A Coach’s Guide for Public Achievement, by Bridget Erlanson and Robert Hildreth, which is out of print.
Download the file here.

Training Manual: Developing and Preparing Coaches
by Margaret A. Post
55 pages. (Minneapolis: Center for Democracy and Citizenship, 2003)

Articles and Papers

We Are the Ones We’ve Been Waiting For: A Students’ Guide to Public Achievement
Prepared by students at Naropa University (2006)

Core Concept: Power
By Eric Fretz (2005)

Theorizing Citizenship and Evaluating Public Achievement
By R.W. Hildreth (2000)

A Tale of Two Playgrounds: Young People and Politics
By Harry C. Boyte (2001)

The Work of Citizenship and the Problem of Service-Learning
By Harry C. Boyte and James Farr
in Experiencing Citizenship (Richard Battistoni and William Hudson, editors. American Association of Higher Education, 1997)