It is time to celebrate. If you want some new ideas on ways to celebrate, talk to other teachers in the Public Achievement forum to see what they do at the end of the year. Make the celebration public! Invite school and community people to the event.

Along with celebration, this is a key time to evaluate and reflect upon the year. There are a number of different tools you can use with your students and yourself. Share what you learn with your site team. And, talk to the coaches to see what they have learned during the year. Build upon the experience and look forward to applying what you learned to next year.

Final Reflection Worksheet
This tool can be used with your students at the end of the year, in order to evaluate their experience in Public Achievement.

Post project teacher assessment of learning in Public Achievement
This is a tool for teachers to use to evaluate the student learning, impact of the project and the process.

Teacher Survey
This tool is for student evaluation of the teacher and Public Achievement. Students are asked to respond to seven questions.

Teacher Survey Grid
This tool can be used by students to evaluate the teacher. It is a grid format with a Likert scale.