Implementing Public Achievement


Strong Public Achievement teams are supported by strong sites. A Public Achievement site can be a school, community center, after school program, or faith based institution. The materials here include steps sites can take to be well prepared to start Public Achievement, and an evaluation guide for experienced sites to improve practice.

Exploring Public Achievement

There are essentially two phases to implementing Public Achievement at a site or regional level; Exploration and Start-Up. The following outlines the steps involved at each stage. Modifications will need to be made depending on each individual context.

6 months – 2 years

  • Learn about Public Achievement
  • Do background reading and research on theories of public work
  • Maintain regular communication with Public Achievement staff
  • Build relationships with potential partners locally
  • Visit established Public Achievement sites
  • Attend Public Achievement events
  • Identify clearly defined self interests for doing Public Achievement
  • Determine how Public Achievement fits into the vision, mission and philosophy of the site or region
  • Explore possible sources for available, committed coaches
  • Explore funding issues and options
  • Identify people to coordinate Public Achievement for the site and coaches
  • Develop strategy for implementing Public Achievement at the site
  • Start Public Achievement on a small, manageable level (1-4 teams per site)

2 – 4 years

  • Participate in Public Achievement events
  • Continue to build relationships with potential partners
  • Receive technical assistance from Public Achievement staff and/or staff from experienced Public Achievement sites
  • Seek continuing funding
  • Implement a sustainable infrastructure to support Public Achievement
  • Continually recruit coaches and young people to become involved
  • Make Public Achievement visible in the community
  • Offer technical assistance and best practices to other Public Achievement sites
  • Be an active participant in the Public Achievement worldwide network

Year End Evaluation Packet

Download the Year-End Self-Evaluation Packet as a PDF