As a coach, you are in a key position to make evaluation a regular practice with your team. If you take it seriously, the team will take it seriously. That said, it is important to use a variety of tools and incorporate creativity into the process. In the Evaluation Toolbox section, “Beginning Evaluation,” there is a list of different evaluation tools you can use with your team. In this section, “Sustaining Evaluation,” you will find more tools and ideas for maintaining evaluation through out the year. Most of the tools have come from Building Worlds, Transforming Lives, Making History A Guide to Public Achievement.

As you and your team progress through the year, keep the evaluation tools you use and articles created by your group. These are records of what your group has accomplished. Write down notable quotes from your team members. Keep visual work (posters, drawings, charts, power maps) visible or put them in a safe place for later display. Step back and take time to reflect on this work and the teams experiences. Take photos of your group periodically. These articles and photos are a means to show the important actions and learning taking place with your team. You can use the tools for reflection among team members, public presentation of the work and for sharing with the teacher and community.

As you carry out evaluation, be sure to share what you learn with fellow coaches, teachers, members of the site team and the Public Achievement forum.

  • What evaluation tools are most useful?
  • What tools need some work?
  • What have you come up with on your own?
  • What have you learned through this process?

Discuss these questions with fellow coaches. Think about your own learning in the process of helping your team to evaluate their work.