It is the end of the year and it is time to celebrate. Most sites have some type of end of the year celebration which highlights each team’s accomplishments in Public Achievement. You may want to have your own celebration with your team. It is a wonderful opportunity for each person to reflect on the work they did individually as well as what they accomplished as a team. You may want to invite the people your team involved during the year such as guest speakers, community residents or in-school staff. Within the context of the celebration, you can integrate a reflection or evaluation exercise. Consider bringing a camera to document the party. Treats are always appreciated but check with the school staff first to see if there are any restrictions.

Conclusion Collage
This evaluation tool is a way for teams to visually evaluate their work and reflect upon what they accomplished.

Last Meeting Time
This tool gives team members the chance to compare original expectations when the team was first formed with how they feel about the team experience now. Each member can take the opportunity to fill in the blank. Tell the team they have a few moments to think about it and write their response down. Then tell them that they will be asked to share one statement with the team.

You can provide the statements on the board, such as:

“One accomplishment that particularly pleased me was…”

“Something I contributed to this team was…”

“I liked working on this Public Achievement team because…”