The materials in this section were designed for coaches working with Public Achievement groups. While the manual Building Worlds, Transforming Lives, Making History is still the most comprehensive resource for Public Achievement coaches, other tools have been developed since it was written . We hope you find them useful.

Creating the Project
Creating an Action Plan
How to Define your Project

Developing a Public Life
Personal Time Line
Public or Private People?
Public Autobiography
Storytelling from Your Personal Time Line

Group Process

Coaching Skills:
10 Tips for Group Management
The Art of Questioning/Listening
Better Brainstorming
Creative Thinking Principles
How to Be Attentive to Group Dynamics

How Did We Get Here? Where Do We Want to Go?
How to Make Decisions Democratically!
Conclusion Collage

Exploring Concepts
How to Integrate Concepts in Public Work Projects
Power Analysis of News Stories
Rank the Concepts
The Un-Common Denominator

Exploring the Community
Our “Puzzling” Community
Places without Names
Understanding Our Community through Photography

Exploring the Issue
Bull’s-eye! Think Globally, Act Locally
“The Day After Tomorrow”
Issue Timeline
Seeing All Sides
The Six Thinking Hats of Edward de Bono
What Else Is Being Done? Researching Projects
Who is Affected?

Supplement for Coaches of Elementary Students
PAC-ITT: Public Achievement Communication with Information Technology Tools