Internal Tabling

Please contact University Events to make your reservation to table on campus.
Contact: or 612-330-1104.

  • All Groups/vendors are allowed to display in the Christensen Center Lobby area from 8 am – 4:30 pm Monday through Saturday.
  • A maximum of FIVE (5) display tables will be allowed in the Christensen Center lobby at any given time.
  • Internal Groups/vendors are allowed to display in the Oren Gateway Center from 11:00 am-2:00 pm Monday through Saturday.
  • A maximum of ONE (1) display table will be allowed in the Oren Gateway Center Lobby at any given time.

Rules and Regulations:

  • The day the group/vendor is scheduled, they will be required to obtain a vendor/display permit from the University Events department to exhibit at their table. The vendor/display permit MUST be displayed at the table for the ENTIRE time the vendor is on campus.
  • Groups/Vendors and displays are permitted in the designated locations in Christensen Center or Oren Gateway Center only. Other displays on campus are permitted only if they are directly associated with a specific conference or event.
  • Groups/Vendors/displays are required to pick up and clean their display area after their display time.
  • Groups/Vendors are required to be at or near their tables and cannot aggressively solicit Augsburg students, faculty and staff.
  • All health related groups/vendors must coordinate through the Center for Wellness and Counseling and CWC will make arrangements with University Events. Healthcare including shots, medications and blood drives are to be hosted at the CWC offices, unless otherwise arranged.
  • Groups/Vendors/displays are NOT permitted to promote directly or indirectly the use of alcohol, drugs, tobacco, obscene material or material that would violate Augsburg University policy.
  • Credit card promotion or sales are not permitted.
  • Internal groups may wish to sponsor an external organization such as recruiters, political causes and community outreach. This practice is allowed, but a member of the organization sponsoring the table must be present during all tabling times in order to validate sponsorship.
  • All food and beverage service at vendor/display tables and on campus must be provided by the on-campus food service provider. Commercially and individually wrapped snacks and candies are acceptable.

The university reserves the right to rescind any vendor/display permits at any time for non-compliance of policies. The university also reserves the right to rescind any vendor/display permit with no explanation. We strongly encourage staff, faculty and students to alert security and UE if the permit is not exhibited.