Internal Event Requests & Scheduling

Update: April, 2024

Given the number of academic year-end events already scheduled for April and May, please be advised that it may be unlikely that new or additional events can be booked due to limitations on space, catering capacity, and availability of University Events team hours to plan or support your event.

For events that are already booked this spring, please note that we continue to be short-staffed in the University Events department. Campus partners can help during this shortage by limiting special requests, using standard room set ups and catering menus, and ensuring all details for the event are planned and confirmed at least two weeks prior to the event date. 

If faculty, staff, or student organizations have questions about a potential event for May, please email to determine whether/how the event planning and management might be undertaken by the department requesting the event.

For events in June 2024 and beyond please use the appropriate link below: