Green Events

As part of Augsburg’s commitment to creating a sustainable campus, the university aims to reduce the environmental impact of events held on campus.

This site provides event planners and organizers with a set of practical steps that can be taken to “green” an event. While this list is not a comprehensive list of every possible action that can be taken, it makes available a set of minimum standards which address the environmental impact of an event in areas such as energy, transportation, waste, materials use, and food.

Ways you can “Green” your event


  • Hold the event during the day and in a location that will provide adequate natural lighting.
  • Calculate the carbon footprint of the event and purchase renewable energy certificates (RECs) to offset the event’s CO2 emissions.


  • Encourage and incentivize the use of alternative transportation. Highlight bike routes to the campus and ensure that an adequate number of parking spaces for bikes are available. Provide resources on public transportation in the area including routes and schedules as well as the location of bike racks.
  • Offer virtual conferencing. Make your event a Webinar or video conference for attendees who are not local. Augsburg University is equipped with multiple video conferencing rooms and services. Please contact the Office of University Events for more information.


  • Coordinate with Custodial Services to have the appropriate number of recycling receptacles in place (cans/bottles/mixed paper).
  • Collect and reuse plastic name tag holders.
  • Coordinate with Augsburg Dining Services to determine what to do with any left-over food items.

Advertising/Printed Material

  • Go Paperless: Post event information, downloadable versions of programs, handouts, and itineraries on a web site for event participants.
  • Ensure that program guides, handouts, and other written materials are limited and, when needed, printed on 100% post consumer paper and double sided.
  • For reoccurring or annual events, avoid printing dates and slogans on signs, posters, and banners so that they may be easily reused.
  • 100% Paperless Advertising: Promote and invite electronically. Require participants to register or RSVP electronically as well.


  • Work with Augsburg Dining Services to put together a sustainable menu
  • Use locally grown/produced foods.
  • Use organic foods
  • Use fair trade coffees and teas
  • Use reusable dishes, cutlery, and glasses/cups. If this is not possible, use biodegradable dishes, cutlery and glassware.
  • Use cloth tablecloths and napkins if possible. If not, at least use paper ones that are made from recycled paper.