Planning an Accessible Event Check List

Downloadable Accessible Event Check List

Planning an Accessible Event Check List

Every University employee has an ethical and legal responsibility to ensure that people with disabilities are able to attend and participate in events.  This page offers helpful tools to assist you in this planning process and the University Events department as well as the CLASS office are always available to work with any event host.

For further details regarding these accommodations please click here to be directed to the Accessible Event Planning Guide and Frequently Asked Questions.

Statements for Publication:

  • Include a standard accessibility contact statement on all of your publicity (i.e. print ads, Web pages, radio and TV spots and include event contact information for accessibility questions.

Example:  If you need a disability related accommodation or wheelchair access information, please contact _____________________ at _______________________ or email:  _________________. Requests should be made___________________ (at least one week in advance of the event).

  • Please click here to be directed to Statements for Publication for additional information and examples

Financial Responsibility & Accessible facilities:


  • It is the responsibility of the hosting department to secure funding to fund accessibility accommodations.  
  • Understand any limitations that may exist with the facility/venue.  If any special accommodations are required, please work with University Events to discuss available options and associated costs.
  • Understand hours of operation and other guidelines in place for planning accessible use of the facility chosen.


For People Who Have Physical Disabilities


  • Is the facility (building, theatre, etc.) accessible to a person who uses a wheelchair or other mobility device?
  • If the event is on an upper floor, is there an elevator?
  • Are restrooms accessible and close to the meeting area?
  • Is disabled parking available nearby?
  • If providing transportation for an off-site event, have accommodations been made for wheelchair users?
  • If providing on-campus transportation have you contacted Parking & Transportation for information?


For People Who are Deaf and Hard of Hearing:

  • Have you arranged for an interpreter to be present at your event, if necessary?
  • Have you arranged for other assistive equipment that may be required (i.e. FM Systems)
  • Have you set aside front area seating for a sign language interpreter or real time captionist (RTC)?
  • Have you provided advance copies of written materials/outlines for sign language interpreters/ RTC?

For Persons Who are Blind of Have a Visual Impairment:

  • Have you considered making a small supply of enlarged print copies of publications, event programs, handouts, etc., for those who may request it?
  • Have you arranged for handouts, surveys, programs, etc., to be put in alternative formats?
  • Are you aware that blind people and others sometimes use a service animal that they must be allowed into the function?
  • If materials/forms are to be filled out at the event, are there readers and/or scribes available?

Access Symbols for Advertisements:

symbol for wheelchair

Symbol to indicate event is Physically Accessible   






symbol for sign language

Symbol to indicate Sign Language Interpreter Available