Student Teaching

Welcome to Student Teaching!

The culmination of the coursework in all education programs will be student teaching for the final semester in a classroom within the community.  All potential teacher candidates must apply for a 12-week student teaching placement the semester before the intended student teaching term.

Contact Dr. Tiffany Moore with questions (

Minn. Stat. § 8705.1000

For initial licensure, each program requires a student teaching period of a minimum of 12 continuous weeks, full time, face-to-face, which could be split into two placements, and in compliance with program-specific field experience and student teaching requirements set forth in parts 8705.2000 to 8705.2600 and parts 8710.3000 to 8710.8080.

Application Process for Student Teaching

1. Attend the Student Teaching Information Session – Specific meeting times and links will be shared via the department newsletter, email, methods courses, and department calendar.

      • Spring Semester Student Teachers – Information session in September
      • Fall Semester Student Teachers – Information session in January

2. Confirm all field experience hours and coursework will be completed prior to the student teaching semester.

      • Schedule an advisor meeting to confirm coursework will be complete
      • Contact the Education Placement Coordinator to confirm field hours will be complete

3. Complete the Student Teaching Application through Anthology. This includes preparing a resume and cover letter. Candidates eligible to student teach will receive an email to the Student Teaching Application from Anthology.

      • Spring Semester Student Teachers – Applications due in October
      • Fall Semester Student Teachers – Applications due in February
      • The Clinical Experience Team reviews all applications to verify applicants have met the requirements for student teaching (completion of field experience hours, coursework, and GPA.)
      • Once the application has been verified, the Education Placement Coordinator will begin requesting and confirming a placement for you.
      • Placements will be sent via email from Anthology Portfolio.
          • Contact your cooperating teacher vial email to set up a time to meet.
          • Look for an email from your Augsburg University Supervisor.

4. Attend the student teaching kick-off meeting prior to the semester you will student teach.

5.  Register for the appropriate student teaching course and EdTPA Seminar.

      • Student teachers attend both student teaching seminars and EdTPA seminars during student teaching. The course Moodle pages will have more information on meeting times and links.

Resources for Student Teaching

Student Teaching Handbook

The handbook provide details on the expectations, requirements, and responsibilities for student teachers, cooperating teachers, and supervisors – the triad. All members of the triad are required to read the student handbook, complete the contract, and discuss the information in the handbook.

Observation Report Document

Make a copy of the document and follow the directions in the document when completing observations.